Italy's failure to win another silverware might still be open after their current loss in UEFA Nations League this week. They could clinch one more title in June 2022 for Finalissima, the clash of EURO and Copa America winners, which can be seen as the new milestone for their alliance against FIFA and their biennial World Cup project.

According to various sources, such plan has been confirmed by the European governing body recently through its official statement.

"The organising of this match is part of the expansion of the cooperation between UEFA and CONMEBOL, which notably includes women's football, futsal and youth categories, the exchange of referees, as well as technical training schemes," UEFA stated.

Both confederations have reached the agreement to stage three editions for this clash. Italy and Argentina, the current continental champions, shall be squaring off for the first one. The venue for this encounter are yet to be decided. So far there are two possible stadiums in the proposal. The first one is Wembley, London, where UEFA and Conmebol joint office shall be opened. Another one is Estadio Diego Armando Maradona, Naples. The historic connection of these two sides with Maradona as the key figure in between is the reason of proposing this venue in the south of Italy. It is the home ground of Napoli, Argentina's megastar's club during his peak form. Maradona brought them to win their most important silverwares in the club's history, two Italian Serie A titles and UEFA Cup/Europa League.  Gli Azzurri and Albiceleste, in fact, once met at the World Cup 1990 semifinal at this very place with the victory on Maradona and Co as the Neapolitans strangely backed on Argentina rather than their own nation.

This cooperation is not exactly the first time as both confederations once were endorsing an exclusive game of their own. In 1960, UEFA and Conmebol did promote the clash between Champions League and Copa Libertadores winners. It was named Inter Continental Cup, which was the embryo of FIFA Club World Cup today. Such was first contested  in two-legged system, in home and away till 1979 before being held in Tokyo as the neutral venue from 1980 to 2004. The difference is that they gained support from the world football governing body while this time, it can be seen as an expansion attempt to take on FIFA. It remains to be seen how long this one-off final lasts. There has not been any official response from Gianni Infantino or his men regarding this plan yet. However, one thing for sure, the disagreement between UEFA-Conmebol and FIFA is set to be taken to the next level.