One World-Famous Photo That Turned This Pole Vaulter's Life Upside Down

2022-04-05 Stories

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If you know anything about pole vaulting, then you must have heard about Allison Stokke numerous times. She’s one of the biggest names in this type of sport, but she has also gained immense popularity for a different reason.

Allison was slowly building her sports career, but then something unexpected happened. Someone took a photo during a pole vaulting competition and changed the girl’s life for good. Being just in her teens at the time this happened, the pole vaulter became a world-famous legend, but not for her sports skills.

The girl was devoured by the world of Internet stardom and it had nothing to do with her true calling. Naturally, she didn’t know how to cope with it, and neither did her family. Just one picture turned her whole life upside down!

Just an Athlete Like Many Others

Allison was living an ordinary life like most teenagers of her age, but with one big difference – she was into sports and has dedicated her whole life to getting better at pole vaulting.

Nevertheless, she wasn’t unique in her lifestyle as there were many young athletes in various types of sports just like her – striving to become somebody and make a name for themselves.

It’s a tough lifestyle, but Allison enjoyed every bit of it. She’s already broken a few records by 2008 and was slowly becoming more famous with each passing year. But it was due to one accidental picture that she became a world-known sensation. And it wasn’t about her pole vaulting prowess!

Finding Her True Passion

Allison was born into the family of athletes in 1989. While most kids don’t know what they want to do in life because they are very young, Allison was pretty sure about her passion from the very beginning. She has been surrounded by all kinds of sports from the early childhood and fell in love with it when she was just a kid.

She spent lots of time with her older brother, who was an accomplished gymnast taking part in competitions all over the world.  At first, the girl was drawn to gymnastics as well, but quickly realized it wasn’t her cup of tea.

She wanted to do some kind of sport, but didn’t know what suited her best. That’s when she started experimenting with different sports, trying to figure out her true passion.