Another update on the delayed EURO 2020 next summer has been announced. Following the decision on allowing five substitution in the competition earlier, UEFA through its national teams commitees has confirmed another new rule regarding the tournament contestants. Each team is now allowed to call up 26 names in the final squad, or three players from the regular one. The objective of such alteration is to avoid the excessive workload of players who will have just gone through a compact season with congested fixtures due to the ongoing world pandemic. It will also help the team deal with the form consistency better with more figures in the squad, especially if there is one or two names have to be isolated. Scotland boss, Steve Clarke welcomes this change positively.

"Obviously it will make the job when you're there more difficult because you're leaving players out that won't be involved in the games, but it's a chance for some players that might have missed out to be in the squad and to experience the whole atmosphere of a major tournament, which will be good.", Clarke stated.

All national team managers can definitely start pondering who shall be included in the final squad. Thinking of calling up the three additional names would be quite tricky. Ideally they will be the versatile ones who could occupy several roles on the pitch. The 26-final names shall be submitted by 1st June at the latest, as UEFA also confirmed.

Before the major tournament begins, all teams normally announce their provisional squad consisting of 26 to 30 names before deciding the players who eventually make the cut for the final squad. They will be being monitored especially during the pre-tournament training camp and the friendly games which are scheduled a couple of days before the kick off. Several teams such as Netherlands, England and Scotland have set the dates for their warm-up fixtures earlier this month.