FIFA is on the verge of holding one of its most important milestone in the world cup 2022, the final draw guideline is officially released this week.

The Qatar 2022 final draw will be staged in Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, Qatar on April, 1. However, not all the qualified teams are available yet since there are two upcoming international playoffs in June plus one remaining European berth from the postponed playoff in path B.

The guideline for the recent draw will be mainly focusing on the deciding the teams in the four pots instead of the official schedule in the final round, which will be determined later by the organising committee. All teams allocation in the pots are based on solely the most recent FIFA ranking set to be released soon after the final fixtures of the qualifying round ends on March, 31. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the team ranks will be eventually since some teams including the favourites such as Brasil, Argentina, Italy and Portugal are still engaged in at least two official games which could make the difference to the positions, especially the latter two European sides since one of them will certainly have to be left behind due to being seeded in the same playoff path fighting over one place in the final round.

According to the latest update, the world football governing body will put Qatar in pot 1 alongside with the seven top teams in the FIFA ranking. In pot two, there will be teams sitting on 8th to 15th of the ranking, while the ones on 16th to 23rd will be allocated in pot 3. Last but not least, pot 4 will consist of teams from 24th to 28th plus the three playoff winners in June.

FIFA World Cup final draw has been the most anticipated pre-tournament stage by the public since it could decide the future campaign of each team in the final round. Initially, this event was none but an internal exclusive agenda run by FIFA without pre-show involving celebrities and artists. Yet, it has changed since 1990 when those public figures were invited for the first time to generate more revenue from the commercials and TV broadcast.

Throughout the history of the world cup finals, there have been changes in the final draw procedure. The current one based on FIFA rankings has been considered the most fair as well as the easier one. However, such guideline has not been used until 2018 edition. In 2014 and 2010, the team seeding for the favourites in pot 1 did rely on the latest FIFA rankings but not for the other three pots. They were merely based on the geographical positions. Meanwhile, between 1994 and 2006, the seeding was the combination of the teams’ positions in the rankings and their achievements in the previous world cup editions. Prior to USA 1994, such was mainly determined from their appearances in the previous editions and geographical locations.