After wrapping up the joint Asian Cup 2023 and AFC World Cup Qualifiers, Qatar national team is getting ready for another tournament ahead, CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021, which is scheduled to begin next week. They have agreed to be the guest team not only for the current edition but also for the next one in 2023. This tournament is not the first one Al Annabi, Qatar national team nickname, ever take part as their preparation for being the successful host of World Cup 2022.

CONCACAF Gold Cup is not the first tournament Felix Sanchez's side has joined to prepare themselves for the world cup. Previously, they also took part in Copa America 2019 in Brasil. The 2019 Asian Cup winner currently also 'joins' group A in UEFA World Cup qualifiers by staging a friendly matches in turn against any of the five teams in the group (Portugal, Serbia, Ireland, Azerbaijan and Luxemburg) which has no fixture, due to the odd number of teams in such group.

In this year's Gold Cup, Qatar is seeded in group D with Honduras, Panama and Grenada. They will be based in Houston. Hasan Al Haydos and Co shall play the opener on 13th July against Panama. There are four groups for sixteen teams in this North and Central America regional competition. The 12 qualified teams are taken from the current CONCACAF Nations League results consisting of all the first and second teams in the standings of League A, four group leaders in League B plus the remaining three teams from the qualifying round.

Before Qatar, South Korea did become the guest team too in 2000 and 2002 edition as apart of their preparation for holding the World Cup. They even managed to finish on the fourth place in the latter one. Such will motivate Al Annabi, which have just won over El-Salvador as one of the friendly match held prior to The Gold Cup to improve their form in this north and central America regional tournament. It is set to start on the 11th of July with USA and Mexico host the most editions in history. Here are the details of the groups:

Group A: Mexico, El Salvador, Curacao, Trinidad & Tobago/French Guyana.

Group B: USA, Canada, Martinique,Haiti/Bermuda

Group C: Costa Rica, Jamaica, Suriname, Guatemala/Guadelope.

Group D: Honduras, Panama, Grenada, Qatar