World Cup 2030 bidding process might still be two years ahead but UEFA seems to have opted their support to Spain-Portugal joint host, instead of UK-Ireland or the Balkans(Romania-Serbia-Greece-Bulgaria). The Iberian  duo have been considered more plausible to win the bid than the other two.

The decision from European football governing body has been reportedly issued as early as possible to avoid any pointless time-consuming and wasting huge fund  as apart of their effort to prepare the campaign. This would be a great advantage for Spain-Portugal and they are likely to enter the next stage of their preparation. It is believed that the geographical location and easy transportation access between the two nations are one of the few factors. They also have enjoyed success at the club  and international levels in World Cup and Euro, which is another undeniable fact to consider by UEFA. Moreover, the last time Spain become host of any major tournament was in World Cup 1982, while Portugal did it in EURO 2004, which was already 17 years ago.

However, according to a number of sources, it was the humiliating scene at the D-day of the EURO 2020 final outside Wembley when thousands drunkard fans tried to break into the stadium and steal the seats from the supporters with the official tickets. Such hooliganism actions have been the main concern of UEFA and supporting UK-Ireland again is unlikely something they have in mind at the moment. One of UEFA officials made a clear statement about it.

"The Football's Coming Home image was a terrifying one, and one which has not just sent shockwaves through UEFA, who were livid by what they witnessed, but global football nations. You cannot expect in your wildest dreams to have a country voting for an England-led bid after the world's second biggest international game descended into chaos."

Although the official decision is not made yet until the ratification from UEFA Executive Committee and its 55 members of federation, UK-Ireland have been suggested to focus their bid on EURO 2028. They will be set up for a rivalry with the Balkans and Turkey which have confirmed their hosting bid. There has not been any official response for FA since they have hosted it in 2020 earlier.

Nevertheless, for Ireland, this could be the chance for them to put their disappointment behind after being crossed out of the list of UERO 2020 host due to no assurance from their local government to hold the games without any danger of covid-19 contraction. If they could push the collaboration with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, plus excluding England from the hosting plan. They could have a chance after all.