FIFA has just reportedly completed the second set of inspection for hosting cities in World Cup 2026 in three nations of North America, USA, Mexico and Canada this week. There will be one last round later at the end of the month.

The world football governing body alongside CONCACAF delegations began their visits on October 21 and finished on November 1. Their destinations were Kansas City, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Monterrey in Mexico, San Francisco, and Seattle. They did not only observe the stadium but also the supporting facilities focusing on sustainability as well as infrastructure.

FIFA chief tournaments and events officer, Colin Smith, made a statement after completing the second inspection.

“Certainly the decision is getting harder and harder with every stop, which I guess is a good problem to have. Ultimately, it’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle of all these different areas. To break down the magic of a World Cup is obviously incredibly difficult so the only way to do it is really to look at all the constituent groups.”

Their first inspection was already held in September covering several hosting cities candidates such as Boston, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and the New York-New Jersey region. Meanwhile, the last one will be done at the end of November to a number of remaining cities including Los Angeles, plus the ones in Mexico (Guadalajara and Mexico City) and Canada (Edmonton and Toronto).

The rather vital issue needs discussing is FIFA's preference for grass pitches instead of the synthetic one. Such kind has been found massively in most stadiums in USA and Canada, which are also used by NFL teams.

The final decision on the number as well as the selected cities for World Cup 2026 final round shall be announced in the spring of 2022. There will be supposedly 16 cities to host the first World Cup with 48 teams. United States are expected to stage the competition in either 11 or 12 cities whereas Mexico and Canada shall contest it in three and two cities respectively.

CONCACAF has held world cup finals fourth time, including this upcoming one. The first two were held in Mexico for 1970 and 1986 edition while the third one was staged in USA 1994. Canada is the only one in this co-host union which has never been selected as the host for the most prestigious international football tournament in the world. However, they did have the experience of contesting the junior level of FIFA World Cup in 2007, which was won by Argentina with Sergio Aguero and Sergio Romero in the squad.