Woman Bought a Used Designer Bag at Goodwill, Inside She Found an Item That Turned Her Whole World Upside Down

2022-04-06 Stories

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If you’ve ever been to a thrift store you know very well that 'one man’s trash is another man’s treasure' isn’t just a saying – it’s actually true! You can find all kinds of things in thrift shops from designer dresses and wedding gowns to antique furniture and rare vintage items.

Sometimes we look at the things and clothes in the shop and don’t even realize their true value! This is exactly what happened to Sarah Thomas, a woman from Portland who made a truly surprising discovery at Goodwill.

Image via Unsplash

What she thought was just an ordinary, although beautiful, designer bag turned out to be an item with a mystery that needed to be solved. What she found inside was truly unexpected!

Thrift Store Fashion

Sarah Thomas has always liked exploring the world of thrift shops and second-hand things because she realized there are tons of valuable items in there. You can find anything there: a barely used wedding suit, a vintage vase, a posh armchair, or haute couture shoes worthy of a supermodel.

She was so good at finding these peculiar things that she decided to make a business out of it! It’s no easy task to rummage through tons of second-hand stuff, but Sarah was up for it.

She opened her retail store with gorgeous things she picked up at thrift stores and various sales. With an incredible eye for detail, she always managed to find something truly unique. And this time was no different!

The Treasures of Charity Shops

Most people don’t even realize that what they possess is of great value. The old bag from your grandmother that used to gather dust in the attic for decades may very well turn out to be a priceless treasure!

Old doesn’t mean useless – that’s the number one rule one should remember when going to the thrift store. In fact, the older the item, the more chances are it’s a gorgeous vintage gem!

People tend to get rid of old things, regarding them as out-of-date junk, that’s where treasure-seekers like Sarah Thomas come in, knowing very well that under a thick layer of dust something really valuable might be hiding. When Sarah picked up a unique-looking bag she knew she was onto something!