We Tried These Unusual Home Cleaning Tricks and Our Eyes Got Wide with Surprise

2022-09-29 Stories

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Have you ever tried some insane cleaning hacks that work wonders? Well, if not then get with us on this roller coaster of some really effective tips and tricks that will change your cleaning routine for good. Here we are including 40 unusual ways to clean the house that will take minimal effort and the results will surprise you.

Clean Your Electric Kettle with Cola

Do you plan to clean the kettle but lacked the required cleaning supplies? Well, a water-stained and dirty kettle does not only appear ugly, but it can also make your tea super unhealthy.

So, in any case, regular cleaning of the electric kettle is a must. Here’s a hack to tackle the issue - just empty coke into the kettle and switch on the burner! You’ll have a spotlessly clean kettle just after 5 minutes. Rinse the interior of the kettle thoroughly under the running water.

The nozzles of the electric kettles are often difficult to clean, and permanent stains are formed. Using this hack weekly would eliminate the stubborn stains, too. Every single time you feel like the electric kettle requires a spa treatment, grab a cola can, and you are good to go!

Use Bread for Collecting Glass Shards

Breaking a glass or two is not a big deal. It's okay because accidents happen whether you like them or not. Even as adults, we do it more often than we would like!

That being said, broken glass is a huge danger especially if you've got kids or pets. The shards can dig deep into the skin and injure you badly. Of course, you can clean the glass pieces via a broom or a vacuum.

But, sometimes, the tiniest of pieces get left behind. To ensure that this doesn’t occur, use bread slices as your glass cleaning instrument. Spongy bread slices easily collect all the glass pieces with close to no effort at all.

Scrub the Iron Skillet Using Starchy Potatoes

Potatoes are excellent cleaning agents and are typically used in home skin remedies like clearing dark spots. But did anyone tell you that these starch-rich vegetables can also be used to scrub the iron skillet clean? Well, yes!

First, sprinkle the coarse salt onto the cast-iron skillet or pan. Then, chop the potato from the center and utilize the exposed side to scrub. Instantly, the dried grime and dirt will come off!

This amazing hack saves the expensive cast iron from damage too. Since potatoes serve as a natural cleaning agent, there's no damage to the utensils. Plus, it was cheap too!