We Had No Idea These Female Celebrities Were So Tall!

2019-11-12 Stories

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While being tall is a must for most models, there is no requirement for actresses to tower above everyone else. Yet it turns out most of our favourite female stars are incredibly tall! Yes, we’re talking supermodel kind of tall, and more.

We are so used to seeing them on screen that we don’t even realize that movies paint a different picture. In real life, the likes of Charlize Theron, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence look like Amazons compared to their more petite colleagues.

So, who’s the tallest beauty in Hollywood? You’ll be definitely surprised by the answer.

20. Charlize Theron

The star of Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde is a truly spectacular woman. She’s smart, she has amazing looks, she fights like a pro, and she’s also incredibly tall.

Charlize Theron is 5’10"(177 cm), so it doesn’t come as a surprise that she had a successful career as a model long before she started acting.

The actress confessed she never had a passion for modelling, she was just going along with it, and that’s why she chose a different path. Still, she appears in fashion campaigns from time to time, looking as gorgeous as ever.

19. Taylor Swift

If you’re one of Taylor Swift’s devoted fans, you’ve probably spotted that more often than not she towers over her friends and co-stars whenever she appears on the Red Carpet or some social event.

Looking at her on stage we don’t even realize how tall she is! Taylor Swift is 5’11” (178 cm) and you can often see her in heels, which makes her look like a tall Amazon warrior compared to other female celebrities.

When Taylor was 25, she confessed she was still growing! Can you imagine? Usually, girls stop growing at around 15, but obviously Taylor Swift is an exception to that rule.

18. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular supermodels of the last decade, which means her height isn’t really a secret to anyone.

Still, just looking at the photos it’s hard to tell that the model is a whopping 5’10”(179 cm). Tall models look stunning on the runway, so when Gigi dons high heels she turns into a real fashion goddess over 6 feet tall!

Maybe that’s the secret to her success? That, and her staggering beauty, of course.

17. Karlie Kloss

With a staggering height of 6’1” (188 cm) Karlie Kloss becomes a real show-stopper no matter where she goes. It’s good to catch everyone’s eye on the runway, but in the real world, it can become a real nuisance.

Still, Karlie Kloss is grateful for her height and overall physique as it was her passing ticket into the fashion world. Soon enough she became one of the most successful fashion models the world has ever seen. She’s graced the cover of Vogue more than 40 times!

Not to mention hundreds of runway shows on numerous Fashion Weeks. Still, you will not see Karlie Kloss wearing high heels when not on the runway because then she becomes 6’4” high. Being a gorgeous woman, she would draw too much attention walking around New York like that.

16. Claudia Schiffer

Many compared Claudia Schiffer to Brigitte Bardot when she first got into modelling, but she proved that her beauty was unique enough to build a successful career of her own.

A star of the ‘90s, Claudia Schiffer posed for so many magazine covers that she even broke a Guinness World Record!

Claudia Schiffer is 5’11’’ (180 cm), which is quite a spectacular height for a supermodel. Right now she’s more into fashion design, showing off her beauty mostly on red carpets.

15. Jennifer Lawrence

Do you remember all those times when gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence had accidents with high heels and long dresses during various ceremonies? It turns out there’s a reason for that!

Jennifer Lawrence is a tall girl who is 5’9” (175 cm) without wearing any heels. That’s pretty tall if you want our opinion!

The actress confessed that with her height wearing heels is a real torture for her. She feels awkward and huge like an ogre. Naturally, it’s hard to be all gracious and floating in the air when you feel like that deep inside! We hope she can ditch wearing heels and just be happy as she is.

14. Kendall Jenner

It’s hard to tell that Kendall Jenner is part of the Kardashian clan because she’s so much taller than everyone else! Naturally, her height helped her in creating a career of a supermodel, which has certain height requirements.

Still, Kendall Jenner is a phenomenal model because she rose to fame in just three years! She started her career in 2014 and some three years later she was already earning more than all other models in the fashion business!

She turned into the World’s Highest-Paid Model in a blink of an eye! We believe it didn’t hurt that she’s 5’10’’ (179 cm) and has angelic features.

13. Blake Lively

Blake Lively and her handsome hubby Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood’s most favourite couples. They are so good for each other!

Looking at the couple it’s hard to tell that Blake Lively is actually as high as an Amazon Warrior Princess. With a height of 5’10’’ (178 cm), it must have been pretty hard to find a matching man, but fate brought her and Rayan Reynolds together, and we’re all grateful for it.

True, Ryan Reynolds is just a few inches higher than her, but they look great together nonetheless.

12. Tyra Banks

You may know Tyra Banks as the host and creator of the largely famous America’s Next Top Model show, but she’s a gorgeous model herself and a successful business lady to top it all.

Tyra Banks became a world-known supermodel at the age of 15 when she landed a whopping number of 24 shows with various designers at the Paris Fashion Week. Everyone understood that she was the biggest rising star in the fashion world!

Her height is 5’10’’ (178 cm) without heels, which makes her stand out from most models and TV stars.

11. Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver has one of the most impressive careers in Hollywood, but not many fans know that she’s also incredibly tall! In fact, the actress reached her full height (5’11” or 182 cm) when she was just a teen.

Her height greatly crippled her self-esteem and the actress didn’t even think of acting, until she fell in love with it so much that she didn’t care anymore.

Sigourney Weaver is a real pioneer of the sci-fi movie genre. She’s among the first-ever female action figures and her role as Ripley in the Alien movie series opened up the path for many other actresses to try their luck in the genre.

10. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova has built a successful tennis career that lasted for over 28 years. She’s accomplished the Grand Slam numerous times and received the title of the world’s number one tennis player.

The former tennis player is a stunning 6’2’’ (188 cm), which makes her one of the tallest celebrity women in the world.

She may be out of sports, but she’s still in the spotlight. Thanks to her height and beautiful looks, Maria Sharapova has built a successful career as a model. She’s also turned into quite a business lady opening her very own production of sweets.

9. Khloe Kardashian

Did you ever notice just how tall Khloe Kardashian is? In all the family photos she towers over the rest of the Kardashians like a real supermodel.

With a height of 5’10” (177 cm), Khloe Kardashian turns heads wherever she goes, especially when wearing high heels.

She’s experienced some unwanted attention to her body when her stepmom started the rumour that Khloe was, in fact, not her husband’s daughter. Well, Khloe doesn’t let any weird rumours rain on her parade and just continues living a happy life in her beautiful body.

8. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is definitely one of the taller celebrity women out there. Her stunning height and beautiful looks sky-rocketed her career and she got famous at 12, landing her first big role in Pretty Lady.

We don’t know if her height had anything to do with it, but Brooke Shields went on building a successful career both as an actress and a supermodel.

The actress confessed that her actual height is 6’0” (183 cm) and she used to be a bit shy about it because, apparently, there’s such a thing as being too tall for Hollywood. Go figure!

7. Nicole Kidman

If you’ve ever seen photos of Nicole Kidman with her former hubby Tom Cruise, then you’ve probably noticed that she towered over him like an Amazon Queen.

Tom Cruise may not be the tallest man in the world, but Nicole Kidman is definitely a tall woman!

She’s as tall as a supermodel with the height of 5’11” (180 cm) without wearing heels. Can you imagine how gorgeously tall she becomes when she puts on pumps? It’s hard to tell she’s so tall when watching movies. Her current husband is 5’10’’ and we believe they are an amazing match for each other.

6. Tilda Swinton

With her elegant style and androgynous looks, Tilda Swinton is one of Hollywood’s most unusual stars.

Height is definitely not the first thing that strikes everyone in Tilda Swinton, but in case you didn’t know, she is incredibly tall! Tilda Swinton is 6’0” (179 cm), which makes her the tallest women at most events.

Does it bother her? Not at all! For Tilda Swinton, a kind heart is much more important than good looks. And who decides what’s beautiful and what’s not, anyway? But you certainly are, Tilda Swinton!

5. Gwendoline Christie

We believe Hollywood turned into a much better place when Gwendoline Christie became part of the whole celebrity game. She is gorgeous, truthful, and incredibly kind-hearted.

But she is also very tall! We realized Gwendoline Christie was quite tall while watching Game of Thrones, but we had no idea she was an actual Amazon warrior in disguise!

Without wearing heels, Gwendoline Christie is 6’3” (191 cm) tall, and this is taller than most men and women in Hollywood. She is definitely a one-of-a-kind human being.

4. Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin is the child of two celebrity parents – Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. Naturally, she inherited the talent and beauty of both her parents, but there’s one thing that even they don’t have.

That’s right, it’s her height! Ireland Baldwin is a staggering 6’2” (185 cm), which makes her a perfect candidate for becoming a world-famous model.

Ireland Baldwin is leading an artsy life, taking part in movies and modelling in her free time. Maybe one day she’ll become even more famous than her parents!

3. Lindsay Kay Hayward

What does it feel like to be one of the tallest women on Earth? Because Lindsay Kay Hayward is exactly that!

She’s a pro wrestler and has started her acting career recently, appearing on TV shows here and there. Her physique is so unique that it is impossible to ignore her wherever she appears!

“Isis of the Amazon” is 6’9” (204 cm) and even received the title of the tallest leading lady that has ever appeared on screen.

2. Gisele Bundchen

With a stunning height of 5’11” (180 cm), Gisele Bundchen has built a super successful modelling career, showing up on numerous magazine covers during the last decade.

In fact, she became so successful that she got into the top 20 richest women in the entertainment biz! Life wasn’t always that kind to Gisele, though, as at the very beginning of her career she was told she’d never become a face of a magazine with a face like that.

Luckily for Gisele Bundchen, she didn’t listen to anyone and continued pursuing her dreams. She even found a man that was much taller than her! Tom Brady is 6’4”, making his supermodel wife look exceptionally petite when he’s around.

1. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the most popular actresses of the ‘90s and a real sweetheart. Her career is packed with romcoms and a few stellar performances like the one in Erin Brockovich that earned her an Oscar award for the Best Actress.

Not many fans realize just how tall Julia Roberts is. With a height of 5’9” (175 cm), she’s towering over most of her co-stars and other female celebrities.

Still, the magic of the movies turns Julia Roberts into an average-sized woman on screen, so it’s hard to tell what her actual height is.