The idea of merging Belgian and Dutch top tier league apparently is still very much alive and in progress. Such plan has reportedly gained support from the Belgian sides, not only from the top clubs but also the non top ones which might not be the subject of this merge.

Belgian Pro League has released an official statement recently regarding this issue:

"This ambition is based both on the respect of the big clubs' sporting ambitions, and on the need for economic stability for the other professional clubs. The 25 clubs are unanimous in their desire to give the BeNeLiga a fair chance."

This development is certainly a considerable improvement compared to before when it was firstly discussed in 2019. Back then, it was said that such combined league concept would only be in favour of the big clubs, but not the non-elite ones. However, the world pandemic and the fact about the local talents' constant and frequent departures abroad after thriving in the domestic competitions seem to push the clubs to give a second thought about it. Many clubs have been struggling financially since the pandemic while the talents' departure carries on which certainly impacts the level of competition and surely generate less revenue without their stars in it.

There has not been any confirmation about the format yet but there is likely to be 18 contestants, eight from the Belgian sides and the remaining ten teams from the neighboring rival. The eight teams from Belgium are Club Brugge, Anderlecht, Ghent, Genk, Standard Liege, Royal Antwerp, Charleroi plus one more which has not been determined yet. Meanwhile, the ten Dutch sides touted for this merged league are the big three Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Feyenoord Rotterdam, AZ Alkmaar and the six others which have not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the remaining ten sides in the current Belgium top flight are set to be combined with the top eight teams from the lower division in the either new Belgian domestic league or second tier competition. Nevertheless, the Dutch sides seems to be developing under the radar as there has yet been any updates about them.

This combined league concept is not exactly new. Back in 2009, there was a talk about Atlantic League which was planning to merge Scottish Premier league sides along with Dutch Eredivisie, Belgian League, Swedish Allsvenskan, Danish and Norwegian top flight. Unfortunately, the idea dissolved soon as it was not entirely popular at that time. Nevertheless, should this BeNe League be capitalized, the Old Firm duo could probably reignite the idea with their Scandinavian or Irish counterparts.