UEFA is pondering the format change in the current one-off UEFA Super Cup format to improve its level of competition.

The current UEFA Super Cup seems to be rather outdated with a single game between the winner of Champions League and Europa League. Such format has become gradually less and less popular. On the other hand, the final four format is getting more and more recognisable to gain more revenue with more teams involved and more games to play.

European football governing body appears to have set their sight for such format. The final four is likely to be seen as a more ideal one for the future Super Cups. The probable four teams involved might consist of the winners of all UEFA competitions, Champions League, Europa League and Conference League and the MLS Champions. The plan on expanding Super Cup starting from 2024 would not only mean more expected revenue but also attract more audience, especially family and female fans. It is even said to include the pop stars showcase before the game and during the half-time.

The use of final four format to replace the one-off super cup has been picked by La Liga since 2019/20 season. The participants are no longer the La Liga and Copa Del Rey winners but also the runners-up from both competitions or the one sitting on the top four. Such format has been used by UEFA too for the final round of UEFA Nations League its initial edition in 2019-20.

UEFA Super Cup itself has gone through several alterations since its first edition in 1973. It was initially created and proposed by Dutch football journalist, Anton Witkamp, back in 1972. Yet, it took a year for UEFA to finally give their support for the competition. From 1973 to 1997, it was meant to be a home-and-away game between UCL and Cup Winners Cup Champions. Since 1998, UEFA opted to switch the venue to a neutral one, Stade Louis II in Monaco, as well as making it in a single game instead of double fixtures. Since 2000, UEFA Cup/Europa League winners replaced the Cup winners Cup one due to the abolishment of the latter tournament.

In 2013, another change was made. The venue used for staging the match is no longer the same but moves annually all across the continent. The first one was Eden Arena, Prague and the last one this year was Olympic Stadium, Helsinki. The next one in 2023 is supposed to be held in Ak Bars Arena in Kazan, Russia. However, should the invasion in Ukraine continues, Russia might be losing their hosting right again and UEFA is likely to choose another host.

Since 2010, Champions League winners have seemingly shown their domination in lifting the trophy compared to their counterpart from Europa League. The representative of continental top tier have won the title almost each year except in 2010, 2012 and 2018. Surprisingly, only Atletico Madrid who have managed to meddle the UCL winners triumphs.