These Unreal Photos Could Have Been Made Only in Eastern Europe

2022-05-02 Stories

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Did you ever wonder why the whole world loves Russia so much? It is considered one of the most amazing countries on the planet, and for a good reason. There are things in Russia that you won’t see anywhere else on the planet and local people are totally okay with that – it’s the Russian definition of normal! We’re talking about food frozen amid the air because of how cold it is and gorgeous women going for a swim during the coldest months of winter. This is Russia, guys, so everything is possible!

Chasing a Bear Russian Style

If it was any other country in the world we’d say that going for a bear with your bare hands (pun intended) is a very bad idea. But this is Russia, so apparently grabbing a bat and racing after a bear is no big deal.  

Maybe it’s a pet bear, who knows? This guy looks like he could own a pet like that and maybe even grab him from time to time for cuddles and some playtime.

We aren’t sure bears make for good pets, but what do we know, right? It seems that a bear walking around like that is no big deal in Russia, so owning one as a pet is not such a far-fetched idea at all.

Just Another Day at the Beach

Everyone likes to spend some quality time at the beach while bathing in the sea and enjoying all the sunshine. But even the beach experience in Russia offers some extra special effects. You can’t just go to the beach and not see something weird while you’re there!

Here, for example, we see a perfectly normal sunny day at the sea with people chilling at the beach, but then there’s also a huge submarine emerging from the water in the background. In fact, it seems pretty close to the beach and all its people.

Still, everyone seems pretty unfazed by the whole event like they’re seeing submarines passing by like that every day. And who knows, maybe they do?

Russian Instagram Stars

People love Instagram in Russia just as much as anywhere else in the world, that’s why it’s not surprising to see gorgeous young women posing for a memorable shot.

What's surprising is the background of this Insta-worthy photograph. While most girls would chose  to make a selfie somewhere at a café or out walking in the city, in Russia girls like to go out into the wild to find a scenic view for their photos.

We can’t argue with this choice of background – the scene looks quite amazing! And of course, like in many photos of Russia, there just has to be some snow lying around somewhere. It almost seems that summer doesn’t exist there!