These Photos Prove Instant Karma Exists and She's an Unforgiving Lady

2022-05-02 Stories

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We’ve all heard about the laws of karma and have experienced them multiple times ourselves. You get what you give – this is how it works, in a nutshell. Sometimes the result is immediate, while other times you have to wait for a while to reap what you have sown. But one thing we know for sure – karma works like a charm! And more often than not it strikes back in the most hilarious ways.

For these people, karma was instant and didn’t give them any time to mentally prepare for what was coming. Brace yourselves, because these funny photos prove that karma is real and it’s a truly unforgiving lady.

35. Cute Instant Karma

Putting up ‘bunny ears’ on photos with friends is one of the cutest and sweetest pranks one can play. It looks really adorable! Still, it’s not something the other person plans to see on the photo and he or she may actually get a bit upset.

These two ladies were posing for a cute shot together and one of them decided to make the bunny ears. Well, guess what, she instantly got a pair of them for herself, too!

Karma worked like magic the same moment that girl did the bunny ears – her shadow on the wall got a pair as well.  Did the lighting make it possible or… karma?

34. Wrong Parking Spot

We’ve seen it so many times – some guy in a posh car ignores the road rules and simply parks wherever he wants. Sometimes he goes unpunished, but other times karma intervenes.

This driver was not expecting such a weird and artsy retribution for breaking the parking rules! Someone went an extra mile to decorate his car in a very peculiar manner.

The guy will definitely remember to park properly next time and this image on the internet will be a reminder for all other rule-breakers to respect other people.

33. Dog Karma

When will people learn that harming animals is a bad thing? Even if they’re doing it as a joke. Dogs are much smaller than us and sometimes much smarter.

This dog in particular also has good balance and was unmoved by the man’s attempts to push it into the water. Instead, the guy awkwardly slipped and fell there himself!

Well, we can’t say we feel sorry for the man. He got what was coming his way.