These Life-Changing War Stories Made Us Feel Better About the World We Live in

2022-04-05 Stories

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Right now Ukraine is fighting against Russia to protect its people and territories against the horrifying invasion in the very middle of Europe. The whole world is watching the events unfold, appalled by how far the Russian President is willing to go to increase his power.

Still, the news of the valiant Ukrainian army doing their best to protect the land and all its citizens is bringing everyone’s spirits up. It’s definitely not the first time humanity has experienced war, which brings us back to WWI and WWII. Here are a few life-changing war stories from that era that will make you feel better about humanity.

Judy, the Prisoner of War

It’s common to hear POW stories about humans, but rarely do we get to hear about animals becoming prisoners of war and surviving to tell the tale, so to speak. Judy was one of such outstanding animals!

During the WWII, Judy has survived numerous combats being part of the British Navy and has even spent a  considerable amount of years in the internment camps. It is there, stranded on North Sumatra along with other soldiers from the Allied Troops, was when she earned her POW status.

Judy helped the prisoners by hunting for some extra food and even protecting them when the guards were being too cruel to the people. Frank Williams befriended the heroic pointer and helped register her as a POW. She came back to Britain and was given an animal’s version of Victoria’s Cross!

Japanese Pilot Forgiven by American Citizens

It’s rarely we hear stories of pilots who have attacked towns and cities being forgiven by the local people, but that’s exactly what happened in Brookings, Oregon. Nobuo Fujita was invited to the town for a friendly visit after he bombed the place two decades prior.

Still bearing the guilt in his heart, Nobuo Fujita arrived with his 400-year-old family sword on him, having the intention to end his life as per Japanese samurai tradition if it was asked of him. But there was nothing like that!

Local townspeople welcomed him and his family with open arms – it was a beautiful moment of friendship that got into all U.S. and Japanese newspapers. Nobuo Fujita gifted his family sword to the people of Brookings and it’s been on display ever since.

Floating Ice Cream

If you’ve ever been to South Pacific then you can imagine just how hot it can get. The U.S. Navy sailors were facing a major drop in morale due to extreme climate and ongoing battles with the Japanese. That’s when Secretary of the Navy had a truly genius idea and suggested to get those sailors… some ice cream!

Yes, you read that right! Tons of free ice cream were distributed to the sailors and it was such a huge success that one barge of ice cream turned into a whole fleet of ships carrying the cold sweet goodness all over the Pacific.

You can’t say no to an ice cream on a scalding hot day, especially when you’re stranded on a ship amidst the ocean. The U. S. government spent $1 million to make this vision come to life and we believe it was worth every penny!