These Infuriating Packaging Designs Made Everyone at the Supermarket Stare in Disbelief

2022-05-02 Stories

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Supermarkets are weird and amazing places filled with all kinds of goods from fruits, veggies, and frozen meals, to snacks, sweets, and delicious cookies. Usually going to the supermarket is a fun experience as you get to buy lots of yummy goods, but sometimes things go south and you end up with something truly unexpected on your hands.

These people were looking forward to eating their tasty gummy bears, amaretto cookies, pizzas, and sandwiches, but when they opened the package they couldn’t utter a word. It was not what they were buying!

Some brands use dirty tricks to sell more of their product, changing the packaging and using deceitful inscriptions. Here are the most infuriating packaging design fails we’ve ever seen.

40. Cheating at Its Finest

Whoever designed this package deserves some kind of a cheating award. This is truly ingenious! A person buying this pizza was expecting to see it covered with pepperoni, but the reality was a bit different.

We aren’t really sure whether the pepperoni just shifted to one side of the package, leaving half of the pizza looking bare like a desert, or this was done intentionally to inspire the buyer to get the pizza chock-full of yummy pepperoni.

Either way, the buyer was thoroughly disappointed and will probably never purchase this brand again. That’s not how you treat your customers!

39. Small vs Medium

If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a big difference between a medium and small size of drinks in McDonald’s – here’s your answer! Someone decided to buy two juices of different sizes and compare the actual amount of drink they offer.

The medium and small-sized drinks look nearly identical! Of course, the price is quite different for small and medium sizes, so you can draw your own conclusions already. Why pay more for the same amount of juice?

We can’t call it full-on cheating, but we can all agree that the difference is too small to be paying more for the medium-sized drink. Just go for the small one and you’ll be alright!