These Hysterical Country Life Photos Prove That Nothing Can Compare to Living in the Countryside

2019-09-29 Stories

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Living in the country might seem like a boring idea to some people, but only until your first visit. It’s a versatile environment that may not have all the amenities and infrastructure of a big city hub, but it certainly has a lot more to offer than a bunch of cafes and huge shopping malls.

Country people really think out of the box when it comes to having fun and coming up with engineering marvels that no one has ever seen before. When they need a pool – they not simply go and buy it, they invent it themselves!

Here’s a collection of the most hilarious and truly hysterical country life photos that will change the way you see country people forever.

Redneck Engineering at Its Finest

Talking about pools… These gentlemen have certainly came up with a genius way to enjoy both cool water and a savory meal. We don’t know if it’s a great idea to eat while you swim, but why not?

Whether it is healthy or not, we can’t deny the fact that this pool with installed barbecue in it looks like a dream come true for many people. On a scalding hot summer day, many of us would give anything to enjoy this cool barbecue party!

The whole structure seems pretty sturdy, so we aren’t even worried that some hot charcoal might accidentally end up falling into water. And even if it does, it would probably just become cool the moment it hits the water, so no worries there.

Who Needs Car Rides, Anyway?

When your kid desperately wants to go on a car ride but your vehicle is not there or you simply don’t own one (for some mysterious reason), then what to do? Well, this father came up with a genius plan that might seem like the greatest invention of all time.

Still, blowing at your kid like that does seem a little bit dangerous, don’t you think? Even if it seems like they’re having fun in the process, afterwards some complications might arise.

We aren’t really sure whether this is a hit or a miss, but it’s definitely something we would not forget anytime soon. This is how people relax and have fun in the countryside!

Somewhere in the United States…

That moment when you open Street View Map and stumble upon this. Seriously, Google Map is famous for all kinds of ridiculous finds and you can never guess what you’ll see next once you open up a certain address.

This is so random and bizarre! We are having a hard time figuring out what type of vehicle this man is driving, but it’s definitely not something you see on the road every day.

Although, it does seem like he’s driving a lawn mower… Just another ordinary day in the countryside, no big deal. Still, we bet this man turned quite a few heads while he was driving down the road in this.

An Engineering Nightmare

Looking at these country life inventions we can’t really tell whether these people are joking or they are totally serious about using this state-of-the-art technology for their homes and other buildings.

But we won’t lie, these ideas are absolutely bonkers! Any sane person coming to visit from the city would probably not believe their eyes if they saw this house. Still, it’s the countryside we’re talking about, so everything is possible here.

We’ve got to give it to the unknown engineer – he did make it work! When you don’t have money to build an actual terrace for your home then you need to improvise. If that was the case, well, this idea isn’t all that bad. It looks weird, but it definitely works.

The Most Awkward Family Photo

We all have seen our fair share of awkward family photos and have probably taken part in some of them as well (yeah, growing up was real fun in the ‘80s and ‘90s). They just don’t do hilarious family photos like this anymore!

This couple was probably tapping into their wild side when they decided to make this Flintstones-inspired photo. The cavemen vibe is definitely there!

Their hunting gear is much more modern, of course, but the wild side theme is definitely showing through. Looking at this photo we can tell that they really loved hunting. Fond memories, huh?

Rooftop Slip ‘n’ Slide

Seriously, these country life inventions are top-notch! We could never even imagine people doing something like this, not in the city, that’s for sure. And probably not in the suburbs as well.

Is it safe? Nope, not even close. Is it fun? You bet it is! Judging by the crowd on the rooftop of this house they’ve been doing it for quite some time now, so it must have worked for them.

Well, when there’s no water slide in the nearest vicinity you might as well create your own water attraction. We don’t think we’d risk sliding on this one, but kudos to the inventors behind this crazy rooftop idea.

The Country Festival

If you think country life is boring then we have big news for you! It’s far from that, in fact, people like to have as much fun in the countryside as they do everywhere else in the world, maybe even more.

There aren’t that many attractions around, so you really have to be inventive when it comes to gathering with other people and finding ways to entertain each other.

Well, a country festival is definitely one of those events no one wants to miss because it’s huge! Everyone gets to dress up, dance, have some delicious drinks, and have the most fun in the world.

No Animal Was Hurt in the Process… Oh, Wait

If you think that kids riding sheep is a bad idea, then yes, we get where you’re coming from. Even looking at this photo we can tell that it’s the least safe thing for a child to do.

But you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s considered to be a fun pastime among the country people! Yep, we kid you not.

Sheep riding is a popular sport enjoyed both by kids and grown-ups. Well, the latter are only watching their kids ride the sheep and occasionally fall into the dirt and get all kinds of bruises. It’s a different world out there in the country!

Things You See Only in the South

What kind of dreams do people in the countryside have? Do they dream of moving to the city and leaving all their worries behind? No, definitely not.

You’ve probably seen quite a few dream catchers before – usually they consist of a net with some colourful stones, ribbons, and feathers all woven into one beautiful art piece. But that is definitely not the case here!

Some people may say that country life is much simpler than the one in the city and they actually might be onto something. What can we say, this ‘dream catcher’ is not something we see every day!

You Go, Girl!

Bull riding is one of the most dangerous sports in the world, so not all people would want to mount an actual bull and try their luck. You could get seriously injured!

That’s why country folks have invented this amazing mechanical bull riding. Of course, it’s not the same as riding a live and kicking bucking bull, but it’s the next best thing or so we’ve been told.

Well, judging by  this girl’s face this ride is real fun! They’re also recording her every move, so she’ll not only have some fun memories of the whole thing, but an entertaining video as well.

A Bikini You Don’t See Every Day

Ah, so many wonderful things can be said about country fashion, but no words can make it justice – you have to see everything with your own eyes!

This guy must have been very bored with his usual masculine chest hair, so he decided to spice things up a little  bit and did a chest hair makeover.

This is definitely that case when one picture is worth a thousand words. Now we are wondering who came up with this genius fashion design – they man himself or his wife? Judging by the mischievous look on her face, she might be the one behind this bikini style.

Dumb or Genius?

When it comes to water sports it’s hard to invent something new – it just seems that we’ve already seen and tried everything!

Propelling out of the water and flying over it using a powerful water engine? Done. Water skiing? Done. Water gliding? Done. There’s literally nothing humanity hasn’t tried doing on water!

Well, it seems that in the country people are more creative than in the rest of the world. Just look at these guys riding an inflated mattress! This doesn’t look like that much fun, but it’s definitely a new type of water sport right there.

Girls Hunt, Too!

In case you didn’t know, women like hunting just as much as men and some people believe they are actually better at it! While we can’t present you with any statistics that would support such a claim, looking at this smiling woman we can easily pretend that’s true!

Hunting down a gator, seriously? Well, we aren’t sure whether she’s hunted the creature down or simply grabbed it for a photo, but it still looks incredible.

Even holding a gator like that to pose for a social media pic takes some guts. We would definitely not come anywhere near this creature, let alone hold it in our hands!

The Redneck Games

If you’ve never heard of mud pit belly flops before then, well, we aren’t surprised. This is not one of those sports that gets a lot of contestants, but it is incredibly popular among the viewers.

It’s so bizarre that people stay glued to the whole event until it’s over! And yes, this type of sport does involve jumping into a pit of mud to produce the biggest wave of mud imaginable.

But that’s not the only thing the judges are looking at – the ‘beauty of form’ also matters! It might look like jumping into a huge pool of mud, but it’s actually an art form. Well, kinda sorta.

Not Your Regular Barbecue

Barbecue in the countryside sounds so romantic, but what is it really like? Well, generally it’s the same like everywhere else and you will see people cooking some delicious patties and burgers, but it is country life we are talking about, so things sometimes get a little bit wild.

Here, for example, we see some people went hunting and brought back with a pretty unusual specimen. We actually think that it might have crawled into someone's backyard and the owners simply picked it up for a quick barbecue meal!

It does look scary and not that tasty at all. That frog popping out of the croc’s mouth just makes it so much worse! Who would even want to eat this creature?

Being a Cowboy is Tough

When we see cowboys riding horses we rarely think just how much training they go through before being able to ride properly. For some people it comes naturally, but others spend years perfecting their riding skills.

Rodeos require even more horse-riding prowess – one wrong move and you’re down! This poor fella went flying off his stud as if he was light as a feather!

We don’t even want to think about what happened as soon as this cowboy finally landed. This moment just seems too dangerous! We hope he was alright after this deadly-looking incident.

The Art of Mud Racing

We’ve all heard about dirt racing, but things are a little bit different in the country. The vehicles aren’t exactly racing cars and the dirt looks more like mud. Well, the drivers are more good-looking, so there’s also that!

We don’t know whether riding in the mud like that is fun, but at least one of the ladies seems properly entertained (yes, the one who’s not trying to get the vehicle out of the mud).

Well, what can we say, this type of sport seems quite impressive! It also seems that that the dress-code is pretty much the same wherever you go in the countryside – a bikini works just fine!

Country Calamari Be Like…

We can’t say that country food is exquisite, but this doesn’t mean people living in the countryside don’t like to experiment with their dishes from time to time.

And what to do if you desperately need some calamari, but the nearest supermarket is hundreds of miles away? Well, then you get innovative and use whatever you can in a creative way. That’s how this cute little meal was born!

If you think these calamari look somehow familiar, then you are probably right, because the Japanese have invented this cute dish long before anyone in the U.S. Great minds think alike!

Not Your Ordinary Tree Swing

Seriously, how hard is it to build a tree swing? Usually you’d need just a few pieces of plank wood (or any wood for that matter) and a few nails. You can actually even make it without nails, we’re pretty sure of that.

No matter how you look at it, making a swing out of a couch is a lot harder than creating a new one! It’s so impractical we can’t even look at it without flinching.

Just imagine what will happen to this couch swing when it rains… On the other hand, it looks so surreal that it could easily become the local landmark! Which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how popular the people living inside this how want to be.

Guns are... Fun?

Southern girls are so tough they take guns even to the forest trips. But seriously, women who live in the countryside deal with guns more than most men in the cities!

Sometimes it’s for hunting, other times it’s just for ‘fun’ – some girls like to pose for selfies while holding a pretty purse, while country girls would rather choose a cool-looking gun for their new social media pic. It’s just how things roll in the countryside!

Apparently, when going out hunting all the gear you need is a big gun and some water-proof boots. Otherwise, clothes are optional.