These Hip Dogs Are Living Their Lives to the Fullest and We Can Only Envy Them

2022-05-02 Stories

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Nowadays most people can’t imagine their lives without dogs. They are funny, devoted, caring, smelly, and absolutely adorable 24/7. Whether it’s a huge white fluffer, a tiny puppy, or a chic-looking hunting breed, we enjoy observing them wherever we go. And we can see them literally everywhere!

People take their puppers shopping, travelling, skiing, and even pubbing. All these dogs look like they are having the best time of their lives and, frankly speaking, one can get a bit envious looking at these cuties. Here are the dogs that are living the life we can only dream about.

20. Best Travelling Buddy

Have you ever seen a dog carry its very own backpack with treats, toys, and various snacks? We certainly haven’t, but Rita here seems to be enjoying every second of it!

Spotted near a shop in Mexico, Rita was kind enough to pose for a cute photo and smiled broadly as the picture was taken.

Rita would make for a perfect travelling buddy! Can you imagine going on a trip with your beloved pet like this? She could be carrying her very own bottle of water, a cute warm sweater, and a few treats to snack while trekking somewhere in the mountains. It’s like a dream come true!

19. Gorgeous Hair

We never thought that the dog world had their own supermodels, but apparently that’s a thing! Just look at this Saluki girl posing like a professional photo model for a magazine cover.

If someone makes a magazine showcasing beauties like her, it would become viral in an instant! This gorgeous blonde Saluki has the most amazing fur we’ve ever seen.

Just imagine this hound on the move, running in the wild at full speed – it must be a truly stunning sight. We can all agree she looks like a real Barbie of the dog world with that ravishing blonde hair and sporty figure.

18. The Surfing Doggo

Meet Ms. Finnegan, the sportiest Mini Goldendoodle in the world. It’s not the first time we see a dog surfing (or rather sup surfing), but this is definitely the first time we see such a minute cutie on the water.

When the woman who took the photo saw this pup on the water, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Ms. Finnegan looked picture perfect in the nature setting!

She’s having her very first water adventure at such a young age and we hope there are many more to come. If we’re lucky, there will be someone to document her amazing experiences.