These Extraordinary Camping Images Can Only Be Seen Once In a Lifetime

2022-09-21 Stories

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Once in a while, all you need is a camping trip away from the hectic city life. And setting up a tent in a beautiful remote location is probably one of the best ways to get away from the stress and jam-packed schedules.

But no matter how good of a camper you are, your experience won’t help you when things go a little out of hands on a camping trip out in nature. Here are a few hilarious camping mishaps that you’d never want to experience yourself.

58 Wait, You're Doing It All Wrong

We get it, when a man wants to go fishing there's nothing that can stop him. Even the lack of a proper car or equipment.

Well, this guy seems to be having everything he might need to catch a fish, but the entire setting is just wrong on so many levels. What do you think, is it okay to go fishing using such a posh car? And actually sit on it like that?

Maybe he just doesn't care about car or it belongs to someone else. Usually, when you have a precious vehicle like that you don't take it to places where there's a lot of mud and water. Is this guy reckless or just chill? We'll probably never know.

57 The Cactus Party

Looking at this guy we can only wonder what on Earth happened that he got all covered in cacti. Just looking at him hurts, imagine how he must have felt! Becoming one with nature is definitely a good thing, but this guy has taken those words too literally.

Is this some kind of a weird hunting camouflage? Did he fall asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time and woke up all covered in cacti? We have so many questions to ask this guy.

The police seem to be just as stunned by the sight of this Cactus Man as we are. We just hope they got him to a hospital to carefully remove all those cactus needles. This guy will definitely be more careful when spending time out in the wild from now on.

56 Is It a Fridge or a Grill?

You might think that your eyes are deceiving you, but they aren’t! It is, indeed, a toilet that was repurposed into a grill and a type of a useless refrigerator.

Why useless? Well, if you make an open fire on one end of the toilet and try cooling down your drinks on the other – they probably won’t stay cool for too long.

On the other hand, we have to give it to the inventor – it is such an innovative use of a toilet! It’s hard to imagine why would anyone want to do this at all, but the idea is kind of brilliant. In a way.