The Worst TV and Movie Mistakes We've Ever Spotted on Screen

2022-07-27 Stories

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When watching a movie it’s easy to get carried away by the beautiful visuals and a compelling storyline. Still, some movie-goers are more attentive than others and they notice a whole lot of mistakes in the films they’re watching. Some of these fails are barely visible and you wouldn’t think twice about them, but others are so in-your-face that it’s unbelievable how the producers and film editors could miss them. Here are some of the most spectacular TV and movie mistakes we’ve ever spotted on screen!

The Avengers

Can you believe that The Avengers movie happened 9 years ago? Almost a decade has passed since the first movie of the franchise was aired!

Well, the bigger the movie the more chances there are that someone will make a weird or funny mistake. Naturally, this happened to The Avengers as well.

Thor must really possess magical powers – just take a look at the dent in that demolished car! Either it somehow healed itself in the process or we’re looking at a plain old movie fail. We believe it’s the latter.

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola’s historical drama is a real masterpiece in terms of acting and costume design. Starring, Kirsten Dunst, Marie Antoinette tells the story of young Maria Antonia and her tumultuous marriage to King Lois XVI.

The movie won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design, but that didn’t stop the producers from making one major mistake that made all the viewers stare in disbelief.

In the scene where Marie Antoinette was trying on some shoes, we see her feet under the table, but there’s something else – a pair of lovely purple sneakers! They look so nicely placed there that we can’t but wonder whether someone did it on purpose or for the laughs, but the blooper ended up going into the final cut unnoticed.

Dallas Buyers Club

This biopic drama tells the story of Ron Woodrof who was diagnosed with AIDS in the ‘80s when the disease was still new to everyone and there was a huge lack of research and treatment of AIDS/HIV.

Ron Woodrof was smuggling unapproved medicine in order to treat himself and his friends who were also diagnosed with the disease. All in all, the setting of the movie is picture-perfect and fully conveys the spirit of the ’80s, apart from one detail.

Behind Ron Woodrof you can see a picture of a posh car – it’s Lamborghini Aventador that came out only in 2011. Naturally, a poster of this car simply couldn’t exist back in 1980s.