The Most Hilarious and Mind-Boggling Stories Ever Told on The Joe Rogan Experience

2022-08-18 Stories

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Joe Rogan is a jack of all trades. Being a UFC commentator, a stand-up comedian, and a former Fear Factor host, he gained lots of experience and friends in various fields. But these days he’s most known for his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that was launched back in 2009.

The podcast quickly grew popular and Joe Rogan went from a hilarious comedian podcaster to a host of his own podcast show, having all kinds of celebrities, actors, musicians, writers, and scientists as guests.

Being an experienced host, it’s hard to knock Joe Rogan’s socks off, but some of his guests certainly managed to do that and more! Here are some of the most hilarious, weird, interesting, and unsettling moments from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring Mike Tyson, Elon Musk, Quentin Tarantino, Jon Stewart, and many more.

Quentin Tarantino and Bruce Lee

Of course, when Joe Rogan met Quentin Tarantino one of the first things he asked was about that very particular fight scene from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood involving Bruce Lee and a character named Cliff. Bruce Lee was presented as a narcissistic know-it-all, who actually lost a fight to a stuntman.

There’s a story behind a story and Quentin Tarantino actually believes the actor and kung-fu legend didn’t treat the stuntmen he acted with in a nice way, which kind of makes him less of a saint everyone believes him to be. The director also thinks that fighting an actual killer (Cliff) who have been to war is a different matter and even a martial artist like Bruce Lee wouldn’t stand a chance.

His unapologetic rant about Bruce Lee being not as great as everyone thought he was made quite an impression on Joe Rogan and although he didn’t speak against it out loud, you could see it on his face that he was quite taken aback by Quentin Tarantino’s approach.

Chuck Palahniuk’s Books Got Banned in Prisons

If you’ve seen Fight Club, the cult movie from the 90’s about split personality that arose as the answer to Generation X angst and the meaninglessness of life, then you know very well who Chuck Palahniuk is. This brilliant writer visited Joe Rogan’s show and shared quite a few mind-boggling facts.

It turns out that his books are banned in most prisons! Reason being that they are way too stimulating and if you remember the movie or the book Fight Club, it does seem kind of fair. But is it the most violence-inducing book we’ve ever read? Well, far from it. Still, in some states prisoners aren’t allowed to enjoy Chuck Palahniuk’s masterpieces.

And not only that, but a lot of public schools along with some private ones also refuse to carry his books, regarding them as unacceptable for children. Well, we can't argue with that!