The end of February is near, which means the date for Barcelona’s presidential election is approaching. 7th of March is the D-day for Blaugrana to decide the course of their future, and their current situation. This year’s election is believed to be one of the most crucial one in the club’s history as it will determine how the club which has been apart of Catalan’s pride could save themselves from the bankruptcy threat, which has already been looming. Three candidates have been selected to compete at the final stage of the election.Here is their master plan to revive Barcelona which is on their lowest form in the past decade.

Joan Laporta is the former number one figure of the club. He won the election in 2003, when Barcelona was fairly as the same circumstance but without a huge debt. His experience in modernising the club as well as trailblazing Europe for Blaugrana’s domination is certainly notable. Winning two Champions League titles in 2006 and 2009 was the solid proof. Unfortunately, as the favourite, Laporta does not seem to find it necessary to lay out his specific plan on a number of important issues. He certainly believes in keeping Messi in the squad despite his contract’s expiry date in the summer. Laporta is also confident in normalising the club’s financial crisis by simply controlling expenses, restructuring the debt and generating new revenues, plus considering on focusing on the digital world. Moreover, he has never been in favour of selling the club to the outsiders for merely short-term funds.

Victor Font is the well-known businessman who seems to have more obvious and fairly realistic plan regarding the current financial turmoil in Camp Nou. Font tends to focus on ‘back to basic’ policy, by calling back Xavi Hernandez in the managerial team to revamp the team based on their famous La Masia academy. Such is said to be suitable for the long-term glory, as they did in the mid 2000s. On Messi’s issue, Font does also prefer to keep the Argentine legend as long as possible but with more strategic plan. However, he is not against the idea of selling 49% of certain assets to public but definitely with careful plan.

Last but not least, Toni Freixa, the former Laporta’s subordinate as well as Sandro Rossell’s and Josep Bartomeu’s. He is believed to have bolder plan towards the club’s future, such as adjusting Messi’s contract, as well as other players with more plausible one based on the current circumstance. Freixa’s sporting plan seems to be quite similar to Font by counting on their academy graduates but his is totally against the idea of opening public investment. Such is potential to jeopardise the fans-based ownership model.

So, who shall be in command of Barcelona management and how will the saviour plan work to avoid the team from falling? Only the Catalans themselves can decide it.