The Barcelona presidential election was finally completed last weekend and Blaugrana eventually has the winner for the number one boss in the club. As predicted, their former president between 2003 and 2010, Joan Laporta, has been officially entrusted the position again for his second spell in Camp Nou. He was reported to have won 54,2 percent of the vote, leaving behind his contenders, Vitor Font who only managed to have just more 30 percent of the votes while Toni Frexia only collected nine percent.

Apparently, Laporta does not take long to name his supporting figures in Barcelona management to begin his work to save the club from the threat of bankcruptcy. Firstly, he appointed Ferran Reverter as the new CEO. Reverter is previously known as the CEO of MediaMarkt, Europe’s leading consumer electronic retailers. He will be responsible for revamping the club’s finance and overturn the crisis, most importantly, taking care of the club’s € 1.3 million debt. One of his suggestions which Laporta is ready to consider, is to sell the naming rights of Camp Nou Stadium. Secondly, the 58-year old president is also set to name the new director of football, Mateu Alemany, the former Valencia’s sporting director from 2017-2019. During his reign, Los Ches managed to win Copa del Rey 2019 and finished on the top four of the table in two seasons consecutively. Alemany will also be responsible in their new signings, the academy’s development as well as supporting the manager for improving the club’s form on the pitch.

Besides making his management team, the Catalan lawyer is bound to have a talk with the megastar Lionel Messi whose contract expires this summer regarding his future. Laporta who knows the Argentine personally since his first stint believes that Messi will stay considering his love of the club. Yet, he would undoubtedly offer the captain a suitable contract with the recent situation to persuade him not to leave Camp Nou.

Last but not least, the future of the current squad will also be determined soon. One of his priorities is to offload the most expensive signing with set of financial ‘clause of entrapment’ in his contract, Phillipe Coutinho plus some other ones possibly to give more chance for La Masia products. Another one is to attempt on capturing new recruits whose name will be decided later. Meanwhile, the future of Ronald Koeman is not yet confirmed. The Dutch boss should be kept in his post regarding what he has done so far apart from the failure in UCL. Koeman deserves to be in charge of the team till his contract ends.