Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will play for Aston Martin in 2021Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel will be pilot for Aston Martin in 2021.

“I am pleased to finally share this exciting news about my future. I’m extremely proud to say that I will become an Aston Martin driver in 2021. It’s a new adventure for me with a truly legendary car company. I have been impressed with the results the team has achieved this year and I believe the future looks even brighter. The energy and commitment of Lawrence Stroll to the sport is inspiring and I believe we can build something very special together. I still have so much love for Formula 1 and my only motivation is to race at the front of the grid. To do so with Aston Martin will be a huge privilege”, Vettel said.

Now Sebastian Vettel, together with Ferrari, is in Tuscany, where the next stage of the World Cup will take place. This race will be the 100th in the history of the team. In honor of this, Vettel will ride in a special helmet.

“Naturally I joined Ferrari not just to join Ferrari and not just win races, but win championships and win it in the right way,” Vettel said. Obviously, in that regard, you can say we have failed, we didn’t win the championship. I think we had good moments and highlights moments that I wouldn’t want to miss. I’ve got to know people that really helped me. I’ve got to make friends, potentially for life. So I wouldn’t want to miss”, Vettel said.

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula 1 world champion. The German won the title in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Red Bull Racing