Three nations from different confederations, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece confirm their collaboration for world cup 2030 hosting bid.

The race for World Cup 2030 hosting bid is just getting tighter as another joint bid is ready to challenge UEFA and CONMEBOL candidate to stage the bicentennial world cup in eight years’ time. For the first time ever, three nations from different continent, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece, have reportedly agreed to move forward with the historic Trans-Confederation World Cup.

The Egyptian Minister of Sports, Ashraf Sobhi released a statement to the press regarding such plan after his meeting with Saudi Prince, Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal and Greek representative this month.

“We seek to organise the FIFA World Cup and we are studying well the idea of submitting an application to host it in 2030."

Before this announcement was made, these three countries were believed to have their own separate world cup bid agenda with various nations. Saudi did have a plan to submit the bid alongside Italy, which is rather odd and too far in terms of geographical location. Egypt was believed to have a hosting plan with Algeria and the tireless Morocco who have repeatedly submitted their hosting proposal. Moreover, Greece was reportedly involved in collaboration with their Balkan neighbours, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria, to host either World Cup 2030 or EURO 2032. However, there has been seemingly no further confirmation on it.

Among those three, Egypt might be the least experienced one in hosting the international football competition. Their last international FIFA tournament held there was World Cup U20 in 2009, whereas the last football competition held in the land of Pharaohs was AFCON 2019. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia have contested more international events so far. They were the host of World Cup U20 in 1989, and three editions of FIFA Confederation Cup 1992 to 1997. Saudi have even already planned ahead by having submitted the hosting bid for Asian Cup 2027.

Last but not least, the 2004 European champions, Greece has been the oldest one to host sport event. They were the one who came up with the idea of contesting Olympic Games as well as hosting the first modern one in 1896, plus in 2004. The last football event held there was EURO U19 in 2015.

Prior to their hosting bid submission, two candidates have launched their bids for 2030 FIFA World Cup. UEFA counts on the Iberian, Spain-Portugal while CONMEBOL relies on their historic sentimental element for the 100 years World Cup celebration in Southern Cone bid consisting of Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. The world football governing body is set to officially announce the selected host after World Cup 2022, at most in the year of 2024.