New York Woman Found a Horrifying Opening Behind Her Bathroom Mirror, What She Saw Next Changed Her Life Forever

2022-05-02 Stories

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Samantha Hartsoe was leading a perfectly normal life filled with work, evenings out, occasional travels, and fun times with her roommates up until the moment when the curiosity got the best of her. They say ‘curiosity killed the cat’, but Samantha is one of those people who believe that, on the contrary, curiosity is what makes the cat live a long and meaningful life.

Otherwise, why live at all if you don’t venture into the unknown once in a while? Little did she know that ‘the unknown’ was lurking right behind her - in her very own home!

Being a naturally cheerful and adventurous person, Samantha never expected anything weird to ever happen to her, especially inside of her own apartment with all her roommates present. But she couldn't resist investigating a mysterious find...

Alice in Wonderland

Samantha was standing inside her bathroom with a hammer in one hand and a handmade headlamp in the other. She already had a protective mask covering her face, but she was still hesitant to do it. Was she actually ready for something like this?

Her roommate was standing behind her near the entrance trying to cheer her up. Samantha turned back and gave him a wink as if saying that it was all going to be alright. She wasn’t really sure about that herself, but she felt there was no turning back now.

Her reflection was staring right back at her with wide-open eyes. Much to her own relief, Samantha didn’t see any fear there – only excitement sprinkled with a little bit of nervousness, but who wouldn’t be nervous in her place? It’s not every day you find something so hideous right inside your own bathroom. Samantha took a deep breath, put on her headlamp, and moved forward.

Just an Ordinary Girl (No, Not Really)

Few of us grow up thinking that we are somehow special and Samantha Hartsoe would never call herself outstanding in any way. She had her ups and downs, she liked going out with friends and spending time with her roommates, John and Julia, but most of all she liked to go somewhere few people have ever gone before.

That’s probably why she loved hiking so much! True, lots of people love venturing out into the wild and spending time with nature, but not many do it as often as Samantha. She felt she was born for hiking!

Nothing could compare to the freedom she felt being out in the open space of beautiful vistas and breathtaking valleys with rivers running as far as the eye could see. Her love for adventure was always pushing her forward, whether it was a long hike through the dense forest or the work she loved doing more than anything else. It was after one such hike that Samantha came home and faced a challenge she never thought was possible.