Man with a Metal Detector Goes Treasure Hunting in the Church's Backyard, What He Found There Made Everyone's Eyes Go Wide

2022-05-02 Stories

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Sometimes if you want to get to the sparkly treasure, you need to dig deep into the muddy ground. Derek McLennan knows this from his own experience! Working with a metal detector is no walk in the park, but once you get into it, you just want to keep on going forever.

What’s so addicting about it? It’s the thrill of a treasure hunt, of course. You never know what wonders lie hidden in the blackness of the ground, or maybe none whatsoever!

When one of his friends offered to search the grounds of a church in Scotland, Derek McLennan was reluctant to do it at first. But much to his surprise, that trip to the Church of Scotland’s grounds brought him immense recognition. He found a treasure that became truly legendary!

The Passion of His Life

Derek McLennan hasn’t always been a metal detectorist. Before he made this occupation his full-time job, he used to have an ordinary job just like everyone else. History and finding historic artifacts have always been a big passion of his.

Derek has been dreaming of becoming a treasure hunter all his life, imagining all the coins, jewellery, books, and ancient insignia buried deep underground, just waiting to be found.

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He never thought finding anything would be a piece of cake, on the contrary, it seemed like the toughest job in the world. But when you hear that special sound and you dig deep in the ground, uncovering something precious – it’s a feeling like no other! Derek knew he wanted to make a living out of it.

Pieces of History

It wasn’t until the year 2011, when Derek McLennan from Ayr, Scotland, decided to follow his dream and became a detector or a ‘Hoard Hunter’. It was like a dream come true!

Finally, he could combine his love for ancient artefacts and archaeological discoveries with the actual work he could do and support himself. Of course, he didn’t leave his old job as a businessman behind right away.

It took some time to establish himself as a metal detectorist and gain recognition. But in the end, Derek managed to turn his biggest passion in life into a full-time job. He knew he was meant to discover something big, and eventually, he did!