Fishing Like a Boss: 20+ Hilarious Fishing Moments That Prove It’s the Best Hobby in the World

2022-05-09 Stories

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Is there anything better than fishing? Wait, answer that question after you flip through this list of fishing fails, breathtaking fishing moments, and some of the weirdest, and funniest, catches we’ve ever seen. If you’re already into fishing, we bet you’ll instantly relate to some of these hilarious moments, and if you think that this type of hobby isn’t worth your time, well, we have a few photos that will make you grab a fishing rod and run to the nearest body of water. Fishing is fun! Here’s why.

Yellow Submarine

Usually, when people go fishing, they take a boat, right? Well, some do it from the shore, but nothing can quite compare to the feeling of gently swaying in the water, waiting for the first catch of the day.

Some people choose fishing as a hobby for that feeling alone! But as soothing as it is, not all people have boats or like to ride in them. There are those that would choose an alternative style of fishing and swimming altogether.

This guy, for example, wanted to experience the joy of riding in the water but without the hassle of getting himself an actual boat. So, what did he decide to do? The weirdest thing in the world! He turned himself into a motorboat, using a lifebuoy. We aren’t sure if this construction is safe and if it actually works, but at least it looks stylish in the photo!

Parking Like a Boss

If there’s one thing everyone should know about fishing in winter, it’s that you should always, and we mean ALWAYS, park on solid ground. Even if it looks and feels like ground, but the location is too close to water, better skip this ‘parking lot’ and leave your car in the woods.

Seriously, though, what were these guys thinking? So many cars parked in a row right on the frozen river is a recipe for disaster. Usually, it’s okay if it’s just for a few hours, but if you’re planning on staying for a whole day or more, then it’s best to find a safer place.

We can’t even imagine how these cars could be saved now – one of them is already so deep in the water that it can barely be seen. Those drivers must have been frustrated when they came back to their cars.

Fishing with a View

One of the best things about fishing, well, apart from the fact that you get to catch some fish and maybe even prepare a tasty dinner, is that you get out into the wild and spend many hours in nature.

There aren’t too many hobbies that you can enjoy all year round and still be able to head out into the wild, be it summer or winter. Fishing opens up so many possibilities!

And sometimes when it’s especially hot outside, another type of entertainment may appear out of nowhere, making the whole fishing experience even more delightful. Men are fishing, while the women are sunbathing – it’s a perfect combo!