After Qatar 2022 final draw, the official mascot and schedule have been released with a big change, no host at the opening match.

FIFA has reportedly launched the year-end World Cup mascot named 'Laeeb'. It is a creature from mascot-verse, a parallel world where all mascots live. Furthermore, ideas and creativity here form the basis of characters living in the minds of everyone.

The word 'Laeeb' is taken from Arabic meaning 'super-skilled player'.  It is portrayed as a white figure in kaffayeh and an agal, which is apart from Arabian traditional outfit. This mascot's GIFs and stickers shall be available to be downloaded in all social media platforms immediately such WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok and many more.

Moreover, World Cup 2022 is set to make another major change in their match schedule. For the first time in world cup history, the host will not play at the opening game as it has been before. Despite being seeded in group A and scheduled to play on day 1, Qatar's opener against Ecuador will be held later at 8 pm while Netherlands and Senegal are given the privilege to do the kick off of the tournament instead. The match begins at 2 pm. During the group stage, four games will be played in four slots of time; 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm and 11 pm at UAE time. Here is the complete schedule of the final round:

Monday, November 21

Senegal v Netherlands (Group A - 2pm)

Qatar v Ecuador (A - 8pm)

England v Iran  (B - 5pm)

USA v Wales/Scotland/Ukraine (B - 11pm)

Tuesday, November 22

Argentina v Saudi Arabia  (C - 2pm)

Mexico v Poland (C - 8pm)

Denmark v Tunisia (D - 5pm)

France v Peru/UAE/Australia (D - 11pm)

Wednesday, November 23

Germany v Japan ( E - 5pm)

Spain v Costa Rica/New Zealand (E - 8pm)

Morocco v Croatia (F - 2pm)

Belgium v Canada (F -11pm)

Thursday, November 24

Switzerland v Cameroon (G - 2pm)

Brazil v Serbia (G -11pm)

Uruguay v South Korea (H - 5pm)

Portugal v Ghana (H - 8pm)

Friday, November 25

Qatar v Senegal (A - 5pm)

the Netherlands v Ecuador (A -8pm)

Wales/Scotland/Ukraine v Iran (B - 2pm)

England v USA (B - 11pm)

Saturday, November 26

Poland v Saudi Arabia (C - 5pm)

Argentina v Mexico (C - 11pm)

Tunisia v Peru/UAE/Australia (D - 2pm)

France v Denmark (D - 8pm)

Sunday, November 27

Japan v Costa Rica/New Zealand (E - 2pm)

Spain v Germany ( E - 11pm)

Belgium v Morocco (F - 5pm)

Croatia v Canada (F-8pm)

Monday, November 28

Cameroon v Serbia (G - 2pm)

Brazil v Switzerland (G - 8pm)

South Korea v Ghana (H -5pm)

Portugal v Uruguay (H -11pm)

Tuesday, November 29

Netherlands v Qatar (A- 7pm)

Ecuador v Senegal (A - 7pm)

Iran v USA (B - 11pm)

Wales/Scotland/Ukraine v England (B - 11pm)

Wednesday, November 30

Poland v Argentina (C - 11pm)

Saudi Arabia v Mexico (C - 11pm)

Peru/UAE/Australia v Denmark (D - 7pm)

Tunisia v France (D - 7pm)

Thursday, December 1

Japan v Spain (E - 11pm)

Costa Rica/New Zealand v Germany(E - 11pm)

Croatia v Belgium (F - 7pm)

Canada v Morocco (F - 7pm)

Friday, December 2

Serbia v Switzerland (G - 11pm)

Cameroon v Brazil (G - 11pm)

Ghana v Uruguay (H - 7pm)

South Korea v Portugal (H - 7pm)

ROUND of 16

Saturday, December 3

Game 49 — 1A v 2B  (7pm)

G50 — 1C v 2D (11pm)

Sunday, December 4

G51 — 1B v 2A (11pm)

G52 — 1D v 2C  (7pm)

Monday, December 5

G53 — 1E v 2F (7pm)

G54 — 1G v 2H (11pm)

Tuesday, December 6

G55 — 1F v 2E  (7pm)

G56 — 1H v 2G (11pm)

ROUND of 8

Friday, December 9

G57 — G49 winner v G50 winner (11pm)

G58 — G53 winner v G54 winner  (7pm)

Saturday, December 10

G59 — G51 winner v G52 winner (11pm)

G60 — G55 winner v G56 winner (7pm)


Tuesday, December 13

G61 — G57 winner v G58 winner  (11pm)

Wednesday, December 14

G62 — G59 winner v G60 winner (11pm)


Saturday, December 17

G63 — Khalifa International Stadium (7pm)


Sunday, December 18

G64 — Lusail Stadium (7pm)