FIFA Disciplinary Committee has released the list of violation by its members in the previous World Cup qualifying fixtures recently. El-Salvador, Albania and Hungary have been suspended the most due to various law breach.

FIFA World Cup qualifiers are scheduled to begin again this week. Some teams will be playing their crucial games for the remaining berths in Qatar 2022. Such inevitably could create intense atmosphere among the players, team officials and the fans, which might turn into chaos, on and off the pitch.

There are more than sixty five team violations and eighteen individual misconducts enlisted by FIFA Disciplinary Committee with the various range of suspensions from the warning to the fine plus holding the games behind closed doors. The most FIFA regulations breach took place in UEFA and Conmebol and CONCACAF regions.

El Salvador has violated two laws in their three fixtures, while taking on USA, Mexico and Honduras between September and October. The worst violations were seen in the game against Christian Pulisic and Co, when their supporters invaded the pitch, used laser pointers and were engaged in discriminating misconducts. The Central American side has been fined CHF 30,000 plus staging the match with limited number of spectators.

Meanwhile, two European teams, Albania and Hungary committed the fairly similar misconducts. What's worse, they are seeded in the same group of qualifier. Albania breached FIFA laws in two fixtures against Poland and one match versus Hungary in the last two months. The worst violations were seen in the home game while hosting Robert Lewandowski and Co. Their supporters had been causing disturbance on the opposition national anthem, throwing objects into the pitch, blocking stairsways, lighting fireworks and some other misconducts. Albania is fined CHF 150,000 plus playing one game behind closed doors.

Hungary was also committed the similar violations as Albania in two fixtures against England plus Andorra. However, they are fined CHF 275,000, slightly more than Albania, plus playing three games behind closed doors in total, one of which will be done as a probation in two year's time. Such is the worst one among all the teams in the qualifiers, mainly due to the racial chants during the game against England at their home turf.

Meanwhile, the worst individual misconduct was committed by two Ecuador coaching staffs on the touchline, the coach assistant, Nicolas Chiesa and the official Claudio Crisofaneli due to their unsporting behavior towards match officials. They both are suspended for four matches plus CHF 5000 each.