One of the world cup 2022 venues, Ahmed Bin Ali stadium has been selected to stage the remaining intercontinental playoffs next June .

Intercontinental playoffs in this world cup edition are involving one team from each following confederations, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF and AFC. Peru is the representative of South American side, CONCACAF’s Costa Rica, OCF side New Zealand and two teams from Asia, Australia and UEA.

There are three games left to decide the last two berths in Qatar 2022. Those will be held in the same venue, Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, Al-Rayyan. They are the Asian playoff, Australia vs UEA; the winner of that game vs Peru and Costa Rica vs New Zealand. The first will be played on June, 7 while the remaining two are staged on June 13 and 14 respectively.  All of those fixtures above kick off at 21.00 local time. The winner of Australia/UEA vs Peru will be seeded in group D alongside the defending Champions, France whereas the winner of Costa Rica vs New Zealand is grouped with Spain and Germany.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium will be hosting several games in World Cup 2022 final round. It can hold over 40,000 people and has been well-known as the home turf of Al-Rayyan Sports Club. The stadium was named after Qatar’s Emir, Ahmad bin Ali Al Thani from 1960 to 1972. Previously, its capacity was only 21,282 fans earlier before the old stadium was completely demolished in 2015. The current one was re-opened in 2020 and rebuilt using 90 percent of the materials used in the old stadium. The construction itself last for four years. In world cup final round later, the stadium holds seven games, six of which are the matches at the group stage while the last one was in the round of 16. Here are the details of the matches in Ahmad Bin Ali:

- USA vs Scotland/Wales/ Ukraine         21 November 2022

- Belgium vs Canada                 23 November 2022

- Scotland/Wales/Ukraine vs Iran        25 November 2022

- Japan vs Costa Rica/New Zealand        27 November 2022

- Scotland/Wales/Ukraine vs England    29 November 2022

- Crotia vs Belgium                 1 December 2022

- 1C vs 2D in the round of 16            3 December 2022

Before staging world cup final round at the end of the year, this stadium has been chosen to host a number of important matches and tournaments. Last year, Ahmed bin Ali stadium was one of the selected venues for FIFA Arab Cup 2021, a warm-up competition for the world cup. It held four games during the regional championship.

Previously, this venue also hosted four games in FIFA Club World Cup 2020, including the semi final between Bayern Munich vs African Champions, Al-Ahly.