The ongoing world pandemic has given a lot people a headache for planning the future agenda, including UEFA. Its president Alexander Ceferin has been considering several options, though not official yet, about the host, fotmat and the maximum allowed capacity in the venues. Despite the current rise of covid-19 infection led to the restriction. Many are doubtful if the tournament can be held in this summer but UEFA has confirmed that they are still committed not to call it off again as there is a bigger risk entailing such decision, especially with the commercial contracts, TV deals etc, even hold it in a pan-European basis as the initial plan was.

Regarding the final decision, UEFA has asked the 12 host cities to prepare their plan for the upcoming tournament in terms of warranty on health protocol, latest update of covid-19 cases there as well as the restriction policy, the available accomodation and training facilities, the possible plan for fans and the allowed capacity in the venue. So far, UEFA is considering several options for the number of possible fans in the stadium, whether it will be full, 50 percent or 20-30 percent of the capacity and even behind closed doors.

In terms of the host, UK current lockdown and the emergence of new variant of covid-19 there might force UEFA to have plan B. If the pandemic still carries on despite the recent vaccine distribution in Europe, the tournament might need to be held in a different format instead of having 12 host across the continent. One option is by selecting one nation as the host. There are several considerable countries available if this option is to opt for. Beside UK, France (the host of 2016 edition), Germany (the next host in 2024) and Russia seem to be the best candidates. Another option would be holding the tournament in a one city only so that the entire teams are put in a bubble. This will be tough as there are not many cities with a big number of available standardised venue. London is the very likely choice for this scenario, or perhaps Barcelona and Madrid. All of those issues will be discussed in the next UEFA ExCo meeting on March 5th.