Cameras Caught These Surreal Moments at the Supermarket, and We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

2022-05-02 Stories

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Most people go to the supermarket to buy some goods or veggies for dinner, but others go there just to show off their crazy looks. We kid you not! If you’ve ever been to a huge supermarket you know that it feels like a set of a surreal movie where everyone is moving chaotically, grabbing things, and looking like characters from a space thriller or a comedy.

Your local supermarket is definitely the go-to spot if you want to do some people-watching and learn more about humanity than you ever wanted to! Here are the weirdest things  you will only get to see at a supermarket.

50. Plunger Fun

If you ever had a plunger fight with your best friend then you know that plungers can be fun. It’s not the most popular “toy” in the house, but kids can turn anything into a game, right?

We don’t know what is the case with these people having fun with plungers right in the middle of the supermarket, but maybe they were just missing the good old days when you could make a toy out of anything around you.

It’s either that or they were bored out of their minds and decided to have some fun in such a peculiar manner. What can we say, supermarkets have that effect on people.

49. This Guy has a Tail

Ah, spies these days… They would do anything to follow their person of interest! Even drag themselves on the floor of the supermarket not to lose sight of the man they’re following.

Seriously, though, this kid would make a really good spy. We aren’t even sure if this man is aware that he’s being followed this way. When kids go into stealth mode they can be almost invisible, hiding in plain sight.

One thing we know for sure - this kid’s parents will have to do a lot of laundry once he gets home. But the supermarket floor will definitely be cleaner afterwards!

48. Someone Needs a Manicure, ASAP

Women just love a good session of manicure, don’t they? Going to a beauty salon and having your nails done is one of those things that are simple and fun, especially when you’re friends with the manicurist and you can chat together while she does your nails.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case with this lady, though. It seems she hasn’t seen a manicurist in years, if not decades! Is it really comfortable to go shopping like this? Or go anywhere at all.

This woman is either in desperate need of attention or wants to break the world’s record of growing the longest nails ever. Looking at her spine-chilling claws, we believe she can absolutely do it!