Chelsea sanction which has been issued by UK government targeting Roman Abramovich could impact deeper from the threat of player exodus to a trophyless season.

It has been reported that The Blues is currently being suspended to carry on a number of operational activities due to their owner's affiliation to Russia and Vladimir Putin, who is still constantly attacking Ukraine in the past two weeks. Chelsea has been apart from Roman Abramovich's most well-known assets in the world since 2003. Sadly, it has been frozen until further notice, or at least till the London-base club finds a new owner without leaving any profit for Abramovich.

Chelsea sanction consequently has pushed their sponsorship to end their deal. It was reportedly announced that Three and Hyundai have confirmed to terminate their agreement with the amount of £40 million plus £10 million per season respectively. Other partnerships with Nike, Parimatch and Zapp might consider leaving too if the situation does not resolve by the end of next week, the deadline for the takeover. Nike is the one with biggest contract whose deal could be as worth as the staggering amount of £540 million in total.

Here are the details of what Chelsea sanctions include :

  • The club is banned from selling, buying players and renewing their contract.
  • The club is only allowed to spend £20,000 for their away travel.
  • The club is unable to sell match tickets, and merchandise offline and online.
  • Only the seasonal ticket holders can watch the game live at the stadiums.
  • The club's account has been temporarily deactivated.
  • The club could only rely on food and beverage sale on the match day.

The turmoil in Stamford Bridge could trigger the player exodus since the club might be struggling to pay the players' salary, should the situation not resolve soon. It is believed that several players' agents have contacted their lawyers to discuss about the plausible way to move out.

Next summer, their three players, Antonio Rudiger, Andres Christensen and Cesar Azpilicueta are set to leave The Blues. The next ones could be the ones whose contract shall end in 2023. They are including NGolo Kante, Jorginho, Marcus Alonso, Thiago Silva and Scottish young talent Billy Gilmore. However, the ones who have signed the long term deal such as Romelu Lukaku could be pondering of leaving too. Even their boss, Thomas Tuchel can not promise to stay next season.

Such potential calamity definitely would affect the team's focus one way or another, sooner or later. With the expense restriction on travel, the team's mentality will be tested. Their UCL campaign might be disrupted, especially when they have to deal with long distance travel. That leaves the hope to clinch the title lies in the Premier League. Unfortunately, they are still sitting on the third place with 13 points adrift from the reigning champions, Manchester City.

The only positive news for them is that the sale progress remains on course. There have been several parties showing their interest in taking over Chelsea such as Turkish billionaire Muhsin Bayrak, British property businessman Nick Candy, the Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss, as well as Josh Harris, American billionaire who also partly owns Crystal Palace.