A Collection of Mind-Boggling Historic Photos We Simply Can’t Wrap Our Heads Around

2022-06-10 Stories

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History may have seemed boring when we were studying it at schools and universities – all those books and descriptions simply weren’t good enough to truly feel what it was like living in a different era. But then photography came into play!

Now we have thousands of amazing historical photos that have captured all kinds of amazing things ranging from Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress scene to acrobats performing stunts on top of the Empire State Building.

And now that we can see everything with our own eyes, history seems the most fascinating thing in the world! Here’s a collection of weird, beautiful, and simply breathtaking photos taken throughout human history.

Are These People for Real?

No one would probably allow such a spine-chilling balancing act on top of the Empire State Building today, but things were a little bit different back in 1934. The construction workers weren’t the only ones who climbed the dangerously high frame of the building – acrobats liked to enjoy the view as well!

When the Empire State Building was finished, this 381-meter architectural marvel was the tallest structure in the world. Built during the Great Depression, it was an inspiration for everyone who looked at it.

But it’s one thing to enjoy this amazing structure from afar, and it’s a totally different thing to climb its frame and hang in the air with no support at all. Those guys were really professional!

The Genius at Work

Nikola Tesla was so ahead of his time with his inventions that it’s hard to believe that any of them actually came to life. He experimented a lot with wireless power transmission and, as many people believe, he came up with technology that would have revolutionized the way we use electricity.

In the photo, you can see him working at the Colorado Springs laboratory where he built a huge spark gap transmitter to experiment with electricity. His biggest dream was to create a power source that would be able to transmit electricity by air via long distances.

The photo was taken in 1901, capturing one of Tesla’s many experiments. In 1926, Nikola Tesla was the one who envisioned and described in detail the wireless world we all know and live in today!