45-Year-Old Woman Goes on a Wild-Goose Chase in Search of Her Biological Father, Finds Out She's The Daughter of a Big TV Star

2022-04-06 Stories

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Knowing who your parents are and where you came from is one of the most important things that form your personality. Our background, family, and relatives help us identify ourselves and find our path in life. But what if one day you found out that your family wasn’t really yours? Or rather, that your family was much bigger than you originally thought.

That is what happened to Phyllis, a 45-year-old woman, who lived her life peacefully until the moment when a peculiar detail popped up after a DNA test. It turned her whole world upside down!

There was a family secret no one spoke about for decades – something that could have easily stayed hidden for the rest of her life. A happy coincidence uncovered that she had a different biological father, and not just any man, but a famous TV star!

All Thanks to Science

Learning about our past and ancestors allows us to find out more about ourselves and our traits of character. We inherit so much from our families! For Phyllis it wasn’t just about her own story – it was the story of her whole generation, including her husband and children.

There was a hidden piece of her past that would change her whole life, enriching it with new people, new culture, and more family traditions. There was so much she needed to find out now!

It all became possible thanks to the advance of science and its wonderful inventions. Yes, we are talking about DNA tests and the possibilities they opened to people all over the world.

Learning Your Past from a DNA test

We’ve invented so many wonderful things during the last few decades – from robots and Internet to spaceships and virtual reality. Yet one of the most amazing inventions was a simplified DNA test that could reveal never heard before information about the past of people.

Needless to say, the whole world was blown away by these new possibilities. Now anyone can learn about their ancestors, dig into their family’s past, and find out more about their parents.

One swab test is all that stands between you and your heritage. Now these tests are really fast and you can get results in just a few days! For Phyllis, it was like discovering a whole new world she never knew existed.