40 Hilarious Reddit Posts That Made Us Scratch Our Heads

2022-08-18 Stories

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People often share their hilarious experiences and social media takes them to a whole new level. The best thing about these posts is that they look quite innocent at the start, then they take an unexpected twist, and turn into the funniest posts ever. Some of these posts are quite relatable, while others have no sense of relatability but they are still super funny. Below are some silly yet entertaining posts that will make your day.

The Craze Over Netflix

Just like everything has changed during the three decades, teaching challenges have changed too. During the nineties all that students could do was related to notes and papers and teachers just had to stop them from passing notes.

Then it was the SMS era when every single student used to have a cellphone and they couldn’t stop texting each other even in classrooms. Now come to the present day, when everyone is crazy about Netflix.

Students these days watch Netflix like crazy, but then they remember they are attending a class! So, they start watching Netflix stressfully. (They don’t stop anyway!)

I’m Busy Being Lazy

This guy seems to be the same one who said that ‘If there’s an award for laziness, I’d probably send someone to pick it up for me’. To be honest, we can relate to this post so much!

The funny thing is that the stuntmen think we’ll try these difficult and energy-draining stunts at home. While we are just relaxing and feasting on our favorite food, being the laziest person on Earth.

Why would someone expect a stunt from us, couch potatoes? Anyhow, the last sentence of this post should be like this ‘Me sitting on the couch eating 5 lb. bag of m&ms while injecting insulin’. Dude, that's too much sugar!

Lazy Saturdays or Kids?

This guy seems to be ruining the idea of getting married and having kids for everyone. Having kids is a blessing, and yes, it comes with lots of responsibilities, but it’s worth it.

Also, kids are a complete source of entertainment so if you get bored on weekends, you’ll be delighted to know you have kids so you can bring out your inner kid and play with them all day long.

For all the single dudes, this post can be worrisome especially if they enjoy being single and carefree. Speaking of sports uniforms, they shouldn’t go into the dryer, consider drying them out in the sun.