30 Fun & Easy DIY Tricks That Will Change Your Life Forever

2022-05-02 Stories

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It’s not a secret that humans like to create things. Whether they are useful or not, people would still come up with new ways to cut fruit, clean up stains, create stunning makeup, and turn old boring clothes into cool new outfits. It’s just what we humans like to do!

If you’re feeling bored out of your mind with everyday chores and feel like you’ve seen it all already, these DIY tricks will definitely make your day brighter. Go ahead and try them out!

Remove the Ring in 10 Seconds

If you’ve ever got a ring stuck on your finger you know that it can cause quite a lot of panic. But fear not! There’s an easy life hack that will help you get the ring off your finger in no time.

First, you’ll need a piece of thin thread or dental floss. The latter may be even more useful as it has a waxed surface. But even if you don’t have a thin thread - just use whatever you have on your hands!

Wrap one end of the string around your finger up to the part where the ring is stuck, then put the other end of the string under the ring and start slowly unwrapping it. After that, the ring will effortlessly leave your finger along with the string. Of course, if it’s really stuck, you might experience a little bit of pain. But it works nonetheless!

The Cucumber Magic

You probably know that cucumbers are perfect for removing dark spots and circles from under your eyes, but did you know that they are much more powerful than that? You can actually use cucumbers to remove crayon drawings, marker writings, and even pen ink!

If your precious kid (or someone else’s nephew) decides to make your walls artsier, you can easily remove all those drawings and doodles with a few cucumber peels.

Just gently rub them in circular motions and voila - all the crayons are gone! Cucumber peels can also remove markers and pen ink from various surfaces.

Turn Your Skirt into a Dress in 2 Seconds

There are so many things you can do with clothes if you apply some creativity. Have a long boring skirt that looks a bit blah? You don’t know what to wear with it and want to throw it away? Wait, there’s one thing you can try before that.

Just turn that long skirt of yours into a cute dress! It’s incredibly easy – bring your skirt up so it looks like a strapless dress and put on some kind of belt. Any belt would do, but you could also use a beautiful necklace to make your look more sophisticated. That’s it!

Now you have a gorgeous midi dress that goes well with heels or sneakers, and you don’t need to worry about what kind of top to wear with that hideously long skirt. It’s a win-win!