Every day we get closer to the start of the new NBA season. In this sense, several players must take the leadership of their teams and show that they are still the stars of the sport.

Jayson Tatum is one of these players. His work at Boston Celtics has been incredible, but during the final games, he failed to show what he was capable of. The team relies heavily on Tatum, so we hope he can pull it off this season.

Kyrie Irving also needs to react. He recently renewed his contract with the Brooklyn Nets, but his future will depend on how he plays this season. Irving has had some injuries and stopped playing in New York because he has not been vaccinated against Covid.

Finally, we must mention Kevin Durant. He is one of the great stars of the NBA in recent years but has not achieved any title. He is currently looking for a team to try to win this season, but we just have to wait.