40 Posts Calling Out Toxic Work Culture That Made Us Appreciate Our Jobs Even More

2022-08-16 Stories

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We live in a time where the ‘callout culture’ is on the rise because of social media. The employers can receive severe backlash if an employee calls them out due to bad behavior. Moreover, the whole world would know about it! We have compiled a list of 25 social media posts where people have called out their employers and proved that they weren’t going to take it. You'll definitely appreciate your jobs even more after this!

40. Sock It to Me!

Is that how you appreciate your employee for doing more than expected? So here an employee was rewarded with a pair of socks as a token of appreciation for doubling their profits.

Companies can be really hysterical sometimes and rewarding an employee with socks is a proof of that. Employees don’t need useless bonuses, most of the time it is cash that they need.

In-office perks like free lunch, gym, library, etc. would mean nothing if you aren’t paying your employees what they deserve. Anyhow, we’re sure that the company had already received backlash on social media for what they did.

39. You Don’t Have to Worry if You’re Fair

A transparent company never fears anything, even if its employees discuss their wages with each other. This post tells us that employers can stoop so low to hide their injustices.

McDonalds has given us a true example of what a toxic work culture is. Why can’t the employees talk about their pay with each other? Is it because they aren’t paying them enough? Or is it because they are discriminating their employees when it comes to salaries?

Whatever the reason is, this is not a fair practice. Work environment should be breathable where employees can freely discuss their pay so that they know they’re being paid enough.

38. Patriotism and Protest at Its Best!

Protesting against your employer is fine, but what’s the fault of others? Especially when it comes to services such as transport, medical facilities, and other civil services. Think of it: how would it affect the people if the bus drivers went on strike?

There has to be a way out so that no one else but the company who is doing wrong suffers. The exactly same thing happened in Japan where the bus drivers wanted to teach a lesson to their company for being unfair to them.

The drivers were on a strike, but they didn’t stop working. Instead, they continued driving but they provided the services for free! What a wise way to handle a protest.