35 Mind-Bending Things People Did Just to Get Social Media Attention

2022-05-02 Stories

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It’s not a secret people like attention for various reasons. It boosts their egos, helps promote their business and tell the compelling stories of their lives. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram turned even the most modest people into crazy attention seekers.

Some of them create beautiful works of art, go travelling to unusual places, or give beauty advice, but there are also those people who would do none of that. They would rather shock their followers with something unspeakable or utterly foolish like hanging from the edge of a skyscraper building with no support. Why? Well, just because they can!

And, sadly enough, all these horrible things do draw lots of attention, although for entirely different reasons. Here’s a list of people doing mind-bending things to become Facebook and Instagram stars. Warning! You might lose faith in humanity after this.

35. Russian Model Risked Her Life for a Boost of Fame

Seriously, how desperate should one be to take a selfie like this? Girl, there are safer ways to promote yourself that don’t involve falling off a skyscraper! Meet Vicki Odintsova, a Russian model, who risked her whole life for an impressive shot in Dubai.

Apart from her own common sense, we have a few questions for the guy who was holding her. What was he thinking? One wrong move and she could have fallen down to her death!

After the whole thing happened, Dubai’s police arrested her and made her sign a statement that she would never do it again. We really hope she learned her lesson! But the worse thing about it all is that some people actually applauded her for this reckless stunt.

34. YouTuber Cemented His Head in a Microwave

Firefighters have to deal with all kinds of crazy stuff and taking scared cats off the trees are definitely not the weirdest calls they are getting. Basically, whenever some weird accident happens - a fire brigade is called in. Well, this time was no different!

Imagine the firefighters' surprise when they saw a guy with a microwave oven cemented onto his head. They've seen lots of crazy things, but this was definitely among the weirdest ones.

An aspiring YouTube star wanted to get some extra attention, and what better way to do it than create a near-death experience? According to firefighters, the guy could have easily suffocated there because the tube he left for breathing wasn't letting in enough air for him to survive.