20+ Wacky Architecture Designs We Could Stare at All Day Long

2022-05-02 Stories

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Humans have been building structures for as long as they can remember themselves (and probably long before that, judging by landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge). It’s in our nature to build structures that keep us safe from the environment and, in some cases, from other people as well. But human imagination is so lively that we could never just build a plain box to live in – we always try to embellish our homes, houses, and even offices with something extra. From crazy balconies to dancing houses, we present you with a collection of the wackiest, coolest, and weirdest architecture designs we’ve ever seen.

A Beast in the City

What is this weird creature lurking behind the neat buildings of Graz in Austria? It looks like a giant alien with some funky parts that remind us of an octopus. It’s just too surreal!

Well, naturally, it’s no ordinary building – it houses the Graz Art Museum that specializes in all kinds of modern arts including film, design, new media, internet art, and architecture.

The building itself is a vivid example of blob architecture and, as you can see, the structure does resemble a blob quite a lot! Locals call it the Friendly Alien, and at night the museum looks like an otherworldly submarine or a spaceship with all lights on.

Welcome to New Zealand!

New Zealand is popular for many things, including breathtaking landscapes and icy glaciers, but we bet you've never heard about its 'Corrugated Capital', Tirau.

It turns out that the small town of Tirau, located in South Waikato, is a real treasury of touristic hotspots. It's packed with amazing buildings that look like something you would see in a movie, but not in real life.

This sheepdog building, for example, is the tourist's information centre, so if you do decide to pay this town a visit - this is one of the first places you'll see! The town proclaimed itself the Corrugated Capital of New Zealand due to all the buildings created from corrugated iron.

The Dragon Temple

We’re used to thinking that all temples are strictly religious buildings and never look out of the ordinary. Well, most of them are like that, but there are exceptions to the rule – like this temple in Thailand adorned with a huge dragon.

Seriously, we’ve never seen a Buddhist temple like this and we doubt they were building them like that in ancient times. But it’s definitely a spectacular construction!

Wat Samphran Temple is located 25 miles from Bangkok and consists of this spectacular Dragon Tower, a beautiful statue of Buddha, and a huge garden that surrounds them. You can actually go inside the dragon and climb numerous stairs to get to the top of the tower and enjoy the spectacular view.