20+ Tattoo Fails That Are So Bad They Made Our Eyes Hurt

2022-05-16 Stories

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Tattoos are an amazing form of visual art, but only when done properly. Some people have a great sense of taste, while others are more impulsive and tend to choose tattoos on a whim, without thoroughly thinking them through. Well, thanks to those people we have this hilarious list of tattoo fails that seems too surreal to be true. But make no mistake, each and every ink on this list is real! All these people must really regret the day they decided to go to the tattoo artist…

The Spelling Pro

We can all relate to the sentiment, after all, mothers are the givers of life and not a single one of us would be born without their care, love, and effort.

Still, something needs to be said about such a weird and awkward homage to your mother. Would she really be proud if her kid did something like this?

And we aren’t talking about the act of getting a tattoo, although many moms would disapprove of that, but about all the spelling mistakes made in one extremely simple sentence. Was it really that hard to use Google if you weren’t sure how to spell words? This is both hilarious and sad on so many levels.

This Dude Must Really Love Pens

Pens are pretty important, aren’t they? We all love a good pen, although lately most people are using laptops and smartphones to deliver messages, but it hasn’t always been this way.

We still need to write things and without a pen, well, it’s nearly impossible. You may argue that writing with a pen is last century and typing skills is all you need these days, but this guy would definitely disagree with you.

Well, obviously he meant ‘pain’ instead of ‘pen’, but this mistake makes his tattoo so much more meaningful (and hilarious as well). And the worst thing, he will have to wear this ink till the rest of his days.

That Eagle Won’t Look as Good in 10 Years

Can you imagine the way this eagle (along with its wearer) will look in a couple of decades? Well, it’s no secret that guys lose most of their hair as they age, so we can easily predict what will happen next.

But maybe that’s exactly what this guy was going for – a bald eagle (we mean, there’s actually an eagle species named this way). This North American bird certainly doesn’t own a mane of luscious hair, so in a few decades this eagle could actually look much more natural.

Although, we do question such a bold choice of tattoo placement – it would be very hard to undo this tattoo if he changes his mind in a couple of years. And who knows what this tattoo might look like as time goes by.