20 Staggering Facts About SpaceX You Never Knew

2022-09-08 Stories

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Elon Musk, the famous CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is turning all the sci-fi fantasies into reality through his cool inventions. The South African born billionaire has been in the news one way or another, especially after his plans about the colonization of Mars.

Musk and one of his remarkable creations, SpaceX have seen a sudden hike in popularity during this decade. Particularly because the game-changing combo is going to have its first crewed mission to Mars in just two years!

Recently, Elon Musk and SpaceX were in the limelight as they launched their 32nd spacecraft of the year and made a record achievement. These achievements made us dig deeper into the details, and we know that you’re here to do the same. Below are 20 interesting facts about SpaceX that you never knew.

The Beginning of an Epic Adventure

Since its inception, SpaceX has gone through incredible highs and lows. The company was founded by Musk in 2002 and today it is the big wheel in rocket missions and space travel programs.

Can you think of any bigger customer than the U.S. government itself? Well, SpaceX has acquired this biggest customer by offering its vehicles for various missions and satellite launches for NASA and the U.S. government.

SpaceX had the world at its feet when it launched the orbital payload in 2008 for the first time. People around the globe were amazed by this private spaceflight company launching its crewless cargo vehicles to the ISS (International Space Station). Today, Musk is the most popular business figure, particularly because of his gambit to acquire Twitter and the mission to conquer Mars!

Tony Stark or the Real-Life Iron-Man?

Did you know that a part of the movie Iron-Man 2 was shot inside SpaceX? And that too with Musk on screen with Tony Stark?

After Musk’s appearance in this movie, fans have been comparing the duo, some of them even consider Musk as the real-life Iron Man. Well, we agree that there are similarities between the two because both like to invent cool stuff.  

Besides that, both tech-geeks have a huge fan following and inspire many people around the world. They have also appeared in countless headlines and posts across social media. So yes, this is a worthy comparison.