20+ Must-Watch Christmas Movies to Get Into the Holiday Mood

2022-04-05 Stories

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We’ve all had a rough few years so we more than deserve to pop that bottle of champagne and celebrate one more crazy year that’s finally ending. We don’t know what 2022 will bring to the table, but at least it’s the beginning of something new. If the year 2021 hasn’t been all daisies and roses for you, all the more reasons to finally sit back and enjoy a bunch of good old-fashioned Christmas movies. We guarantee you’ll be grinning like the happiest person on Earth after watching just a few of these movies. It’s time for a Christmas movie marathon!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – The Grumpy Christmas is On!

How can someone be grumpy and irritated during Christmas? Well, the Grinch definitely knows the answer to that. Every time he hears the Christmas carols, he gets so angry that he’s ready to destroy everything reminding him of the holidays.

And this time Grinch decided not just to sit idly while everyone was having the most fun in the world – he went out to have some fun of his own, but that, of course, meant lots of mischievous pranks and a ruined Christmas mood for everyone.

Jim Carrey is probably the only actor who could pull off playing Grinch in such a funny and loveable way. It was probably quite easy to feel grumpy while playing Grinch as the makeup for the role took hours to create each day, so he has been quite irritated most of the time!

Home Alone (1990) – Burglars, Beware!

Home Alone just never gets old! It’s one of those movies you can watch a thousand times and still not get bored – it’s just that good. McAllister’s Christmas adventures have accompanied most of the ‘90s kids through their childhood and teen years.

That’s why when watching this movie many of us will feel nostalgic of the days long gone, when we used to play in the snow, build snow fortresses, and run for presents first thing in the morning on Christmas day.

This movie also reminds us that kids can sometimes outsmart even the evilest burglars due to their creativity and out of the box thinking. Don’t underestimate them!

Elf (2003) – You Will Either Love It or Hate It!

Is there a more classic Christmas movie than Elf? Well, okay, there’s at least a dozen of them, but Elf should definitely be on every list of hilarious Christmas movies to watch during the holidays.

It’s just one of those timeless masterpieces that don’t get less funny as time goes by. It’s been almost 20 years, but we still watch Will Ferrell play an Elf who comes back to meet his real family during the Christmas holidays!

Buddy, the character played by Will Ferrell, is loud, hilarious, childish, and mildly irritating, but that’s what makes him so special. It’s one of the best Christmas comedies to watch this year (or any year, for that matter).